How to Wear Your Lace Dress

Lace is gorgeously feminine, elegant and all kinds of beautiful! You can find yourself a massive range of lace dresses out there in different silhouettes, lengths and colours. Lace is one of those classic materials that give you a sophisticated look that is never, ever going to go out of style, so it’s a great one to invest in! This amazing fabric has been on trend for so long now, it’s hard to remember the last time you didn’t see lace everywhere! If you’re looking at nabbing yourself your very own lace number, or you want to know how to dress a lovely little lace piece that’s sitting in your wardrobe, read on…

How to find the right cut

As with any dress, the fit really is the most important part. You could find the most amazingly beautiful dress, but if it fits like a sack it’s going to look like a sack. So, how do you know what’s going to work for you? Ideally, you’re trying before you’re buying. By having a good try on sesh, you’re avoiding the major disappointment that comes with a blind online purchase. But we all know that sometimes you just can’t get yourself into a store, if that’s the case here’s some of the most popular dress cuts that you should consider:

A-line: This shape is a little bit of a miracle-worker! The cut flatters and showcases your neckline, accentuates your waist, and flows down to the ground, elongating your legs. If you want to feel feminine and fabulous, opt for A-line!

Slip: This is a sexy, style that shows off every inch of your body – so if you want to turn heads, this is the one! The strappy style and form-fitting length elongates and stretches out your figure.

Mermaid: The mermaid or fishtail style is beautiful for formal events! It hugs your curves all the way down to the floor and then fans out, just like a tail! This is dramatic, feminine and really eye-catching.

Low back: This guy is sexy, unexpected and amazing for your next special night out! This style of dress contours your body and shows off your back, turning heads and breaking hearts.

Off the shoulder: The Bardot look is great for women who want to look amazing and feel comfortable doing it! This style is very flattering for all shapes, extra points for an off the shoulder gown with an A-line cut!

Two-piece: Your favourite dress, split in two! A two-piece or co-ord dress looks cool, contemporary and adds some sultry glamour. A great alternative to the classic evening gown!

Styling lace

Once you’ve decided on your perfect fit, you can start thinking about how you’re going to make it your own! Lace is actually a pretty versatile piece, here’s some inspo as to how you can style your lace dress in different themes, or moods:

Classic: Lace is a classic, traditional material, so you could always play up the timeless feel! Get yourself some fashion-forward pearl earrings, drape on a delicate chain choker and slip on some pointed, kitten heel cream shoes. This pairs best with a muted neutral or a gorgeous, stormy grey – hello sophisticated chic!

Contemporary: Why not modernise your lovely lace look? Contemporise your frock by adding some chunky gold jewellery, slide into some platform mules and carry a tiny leather handbag.

Contrast: Lace is the perfect opportunity to introduce a pretty/tough contrast to your wardrobe! Dress your piece down with pointed leather boots, a sharp biker jacket and sultry silver jewellery. Opt for heavy rings and statement necklaces.

What are you waiting for? Get exploring lace dresses to find your perfect fit!