Why ADCO Class a RV Covers

ADCO is the number one RV Cover selling brand with decades of experience understanding the requirements of fellow RV lovers. When you want a class A RV Cover for your RV that is made to last and hold up to the rigorous needs of keeping your RV protected from the elements you want ADCO by Covercraft. ADCO RV Covers have also been selected for 5 years in a row as the best by Motorhome & Trailer Life Magazine Readers.


You have two popular options depending on where you plan to park your RV though both have superior water resistance and breathability. For All-weather protection designed with resistance to high rain, snow, wind, sun, heat, and cold you want our Designer Series Tyvek Covers. These car covers feature an ultra-reflective Dupont Tyvek roof and can keep your RV cool and protected from the elements.

If you don’t park in an area with the intense sun beating down on your motorhome you should consider our SFS Aqua Shed Covers. These covers are perfect for the Northern states, moderate temperature areas, or even indoor use. These covers are still perfect for rain, snow, and wind.

There are some features that you need in your Class A RV Covers. To provide maximum resistance from all the elements a vehicle will have to face the cover will utilize its triple-layer design. We understand that you don’t want to remove a cover to access your RV so we have built-in zipper entry doors to allow easy access. You never want to ruin your paint from the wind and Class A RV covers have developed innovative straps that snug your RV tight from the ends as well as top-to-bottom.

Though these covers are universal we carry sizes to fit any Class A RVs from under 25 feet all the way up to 43 feet motorhomes. Our RV Covers are made to hug the curves of your RV while also having reinforced edges to ensure they hold up to being installed and removed over and over.


Since 1955 we have been looking for the best RV Covers and one of the most popular questions we get asked “is your RV cover waterproof?”. While a waterproof cover sounds great trust us you don’t want that. A waterproof cover would prevent moisture from escaping causing mildew, mold, and rust. Instead, we make our covers highly water resistant so that water beads off and they have vents built-into each Motorhome Cover to allow moisture to rapidly escape.


These are some features of Class A RV covers,

  • PROTECTION AGAINST ALL THE ELEMENTS – Built for all climates.
  • ZIPPER ENTRY FROM BOTH SIDES OF Recreational Vehicle – Allows slide-outs to be fully extended during storage for easy access
  • WIND RESISTANT – Patented wind channels on bottom corners help promote a snug fit
  • SUPER USER FRIENDLY – Red accents help identify interaction points for easy installation
  • LIGHT COLORWAY – Reduces temperature build-up
  • WATER RESISTANT COVER- Promotes cleanliness and helpful in escape of moisture build-up on the trailer
  • Protection against harmful UV rays that can cause unwanted cracking and fading on your RV.
  • Features ADCO’s 3 year manufacturer warranty


These covers include some specific options like

  • Rain gutter spout protectors to prevent cover puncture where applicable.
  • Extra adhesive reinforcement material.
  • Weighted buckle toss-under for easy installation.

We have two mainstream alternatives relying upon where you intend to stop your RV however both have prevalent water opposition and breathability. For All-climate security structured with protection from heavy rain, day off, sun, warmth, and cold you need our Designer Series Tyvek Covers. These spreads highlight an ultra-intelligent Dupont Tyvek rooftop and can keep your RV cool and shielded from the components. Makes your vehicle look newer, protects paint and finish of your cover. Its resale value is improved as compared to a damaged recreational vehicle. If you are going to spend a huge amount of class A recreational vehicle spend some more amount on its protection by buying class A RV covers and it will save your maintenance cost in the future. Taking preventive measures is better than cure, protect your recreational vehicle otherwise, it will cost you a lot in terms of maintenance and its resale value will be lowered which is a loss.

This was all about class A RV covers, choose a class A RV cover today from our online store and order it online. It will be shipped to you at your premises. If you are interested to buy any other cover there is a range of covers available at car cover, you can choose a cover online according to your vehicle. Choose a cover today and protect your RV from worst weather scenarios. Not only Class A RV covers, Class B and Class C RV covers are also available in our store and these covers are just a call away from you.