5 Ways To Impress Dad On His Next Gift

Most people tend to struggle and pull their hair out trying to find a new type of gift for their dads. That’s why we’ve come up with this unique list of simple, creative and out of the box ideas to help you take it easy when it comes to getting dad an awesome gift. Just make sure to prepare your gifts ahead of time, there’s nothing worst than a last minute rush and only getting your dad some socks. On average you should plan 2-5 weeks in advance depending on the idea you are going to work with. There maybe additional planning with other people so ensure everyone is onboard.

1. The Themed Gift

Is your dad a geek, fitness freak, car buff, movie buff or a sports fanatic? The themed gift covers every aspect of any type of father you have. A themed gift involves doing some research in to his passions, favorite movie, past time, pets, favorite types of foods, and the list is pretty much endless. There are plenty of things that you already know about your dad so take some time in the early stages of planning his gift. If your dad is motorcycle enthusiast, and you have the means to do so, browse some Harley-Davidson Street motorcycles to give as a gift.

Once you have an exhaustive list then you’re ready to create his themed gift. This involves a collection of gifts and they don’t have to be expensive. You want to have around 3- 5 items to create his themed gift and if you have a bigger budget you can go up to 10 items. Next you should look for an online novelty gift store that stocks a bunch of items you need in order to save a bunch on shipping fees.

Now let’s take a look at an example. Let’s say its his birthday and your dad is a huge fan of Darth Vader (from Star Wars). The movie has an endless supply of merchandise you can buy. Here’s a quick idea; Storm Trooper bath robe, storm trooper bottle opener, a Darth Vader doormat, and to top if off a Darth Vader birthday card. The total cost was around $80 from Dadshop and you can save on multiple shipping costs.

You could easily apply this to another themed gift for someone else. There’s a crazy amount of things you can get. Just make sure you plan ahead, look through many websites, and even marketplaces like eBay to find all the gifts you need.

2. Personalized Gift Collection Sensation

Another great way to impress your father is to make his gifts more personalized. If you want to give him a memorable gift try putting a bunch of personlized gift ideas together. You should aim for three or more items in your gift collection.

What do you know about your dad? Does he go fishing? Is he into the Godfather movie? How about a fishing shirt that says “Rod Father” and uses the same font as the Godfather movie? That is something you use as an example to combining themes into your personalised gift.

As another example say your dad loves whisky and even has own bar in the garage. Put a whisky hamper together for him starting with a whisky decanter that has his name and a special message on it. You could then combine that with a number plate that says “Dad’s Bar” just to top it off. A third gift could be a pair of whisky glasses and you can engrave “Best Dad Ever” on it. Now you have your personalised gift collection ready to wrap or placed in a gift basket.

Again, planning and researching is your best friend here. You can personalize almost anything these days. Most engraving methods can be done on wood, glass, metal and much more. The end results of your hard work will be a gift your father won’t forget.

3. The Ultimate Dad Hamper

If the first two ideas didn’t fit well with your dads personality or interest then the ultimate hamper might do the trick. This hamper can be a little tricky to build on your own and will require some time to put together. There are three parts to the ultimate hamper and that’s how you make make it unique.

  • Trio

Include 3 items of food and or drinks. Alcohol, a snack or chocolates, and a condiment. This trio is usually well received and especially if you can theme them well. Beer and nuts go great together and you can pair that with a bbq or rib sauce. Or wine, cheese & macadamia nuts for a more refined dad.

  • Personalized Item

To create that special touch its nice to include something customised. Here’s a few ideas you could include and that are fairly simple and budget friendly. A photobook, photo frame, whisky glass, decanter, apron, tools, golf accessories, tshirt, custom number plates just to name a few. Your serach results are endless. Just have some patience and watch out for the turn around times on each personalised item.

  • A Centre Piece

The centre piece can really tie in the whole hamper and is usually the most expensive gift. Let’s say your dad is a huge basketball fan, why not get him and your family a few tickets to all go and spend the day with him. Or get him something that’s on his wish list. Your centre piece does not have to be pricey and could be as simple as writing up some coupons. You could add a coupon to wash his car, mow the lawn, mop the floor, go for drinks at the bar (your treat of course).

4. Do It Yourself Gifts For The Win

If you have the skill set of a handy man than you might want to build your dads gift. There are countless tutorials and build guides on almost anything. Once again we need to do some deep thinking and planning. Ask yourself, what has your dad been talking about buying. Would it be something that you could make? Maybe a Foosball table, a pool table, a cupboard, new shelving for the garage, coffee table; there’s got to be something your dad’s be talking about or even thinking of building himself.

Don’t have any handy skills? Grab a friend or family member with these skills or pay them if you have to. Hopefully they will have all the tools and equipment you need to complete this DIY project.

5. DIY Experiences The Best Memory You’ll Share

Here’s a special idea that won’t break the bank but could be one of the best things you’ll do for your dad. We’ve all seen the experience gifts; driving in a fast car, flying as the co-pilot in a jet plan, sky diving, etc. But here’s an experience that is specifically tailored to just you and you dad (and or family members too).

You could create an experience and spend that time with your father. For example, if you’re dad loves fishing but you’ve never been fishing with him. Why not rent a boat and go fishing with him. Take your siblings or other family members with you. It’s all about sharing an experience together but doing something that he loves.

Depending on the experience you are trying to create you might need more time to plan. Its important to get help from your siblings if you have them. Pool your money together to make the experience extra special. Here’s another example if you have a dad that loves the outdoors. How about a camping trip that involves a four-wheel driving through the great outdoors and camping at various spots. This could go for a few days and you might need to plan and buy a few things for your trip. Try renting or borrowing as many items as you can for your experience.

The time and experiences you’ll share are priceless and could eventually turn into an occasional trip with the family.

If you are getting your dad the same type of gifts every year it may be time to change it up with one of these great ideas. If you’re budget conscience you could ask your family members to chip in. We hope this has given you a few tips on your next gift to your dad.