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5 Tips For A Natural Makeup Look

The key to nailing the ‘no makeup’ makeup look is highlighting your best natural features with the right products. You don’t want to go too heavy on any one item, and you don’t want to overlook a significant part of your face either.

To achieve that perfect barely-there natural glow, you need a light touch and these five tips:

1) Skincare is vital

First things first, you need to take good care of your skin. A strong skincare regimen is crucial to achieving that flawless natural look. Healthy, glowing skin will reflect on your face and bring out the best of your natural beauty from within.

Drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods to keep your skin moisturized and supple. Use a good cleanser and exfoliate regularly. Moisturize your face every morning and night, and use skincare products that are made specifically for your skin type.

Prep your skin before using any makeup. Wash gently, but don’t scrub vigorously before applying products directly to your skin. A clean, fresh base is important for achieving smooth, natural-looking results.

2) Stay low-key on the lashes

Invest in the best natural mascara to subtly enhance your lashes without damaging them. A single thin swipe wiggled out from root to tip is all you need to make your eyes pop. If you overdo it, use a cotton bud to remove any excess clumps. You should go for enough definition to ensure that your eyes stand out without leaving them looking too dramatic.

The right amount of the right natural mascara will do wonders for your features, and you can even skip on the eyeliner. Defining each lash goes better with the natural look you’re aiming for, and you don’t need to outline your eyelids as well.

3) Conceal with caution

Use concealer only as needed. Many of us make the mistake of caking our skin with too much concealer, and we end up looking airbrushed. This is a definite no-no when it comes to the natural makeup look. Cover only very obvious dark circles, marks, and discoloration. We all have pores on our skin, and it is natural for some of them to show.

4) Tint and blend

When it comes to colors, we recommend light tints that you can blend into your skin. Stay away from bright colors and matte textures for your lips and cheeks. Start from the center of your lips and dab gently outwards using your fingers. Top up with a lip gloss for a bit of extra shine. Opt for a shade that is only a bit darker than your natural lip color. Stick to light tints of nudes, pinks, peaches, and sandy browns.

The same goes for your cheeks. A cream blush can be blended easily. Dab it gently only on the cheekbone and brush it out to achieve a slight contour effect in the process.

5) Natural brows FTW

Sticking to your natural brow line is essential for maintaining the ‘no makeup’ look. Use a small brush to stroke the hairs on your brow line, trim them if you find that they’re too bushy, and keep your arches in shape. If you have very fine hair on your eyebrows, fill them in with short strokes using an eyebrow pencil. Pencils will give you a more defined look and will imitate your natural hairs, whereas powders and gels might look painted on.

Bring out your inner glow naturally

Even though the ‘natural’ makeup look does require using makeup, staying as close to your natural colors, tones, and textures as possible will go a long way. Use these tips to strike the right balance between minimal and OTT!