Authentic Learning Makes all The Difference in Online Professional Certification Courses

To survive the intense competition in the IT industry and make career advancements at the right time it is imperative that you make the right moves. It is not just enough to look for opportunities but stay prepared to avail it. Since nobody knows when opportunities might come it is always wise to stay prepared by acquiring the necessary certification that endorses your skills and expertise in some specific niche. When all things are equal during comparison of abilities of candidates, employers depend on professional certifications that make all the difference.

Where to look for certification

To highlight your technical abilities in a specific field and to establish yourself as an expert you must obtain some relevant professional certification issued by some IT company whose products and applications you work with. To obtain the certificate, you must approach a facilitating company like Certiport that provides professionals with certification opportunities across diverse disciplines. The company provides a portal only that facilitates the process of writing exams and laboratory work but does not issue any Certificate of its own. The portal has helped numerous professionals achieve their certifications so comfortably and conveniently that they do not hesitate to consider the portal as my Certiport.

Authentic learning

With so much information and learning resources floating across the internet, gathering learning materials should not be a problem, is what appears to everyone. While this might be true to some extent, the authenticity of the learning sources often remains questionable. But when you enroll for learning through Certiport, you get access to authentic learning materials only issued by the respective certifying organization. It is possible because Certiport partners with major IT companies that offer certifications for the products they make and market. Learners can access authentic learning materials, and the experience is like hearing from the horse’s mouth. Not only it ensures correct learning but also enhances the chances of successfully passing the exam for certification.

Establish your competency with software applications

Although there are different kinds of certification programs offered by Certiport, these have one thing in common – it tests your ability to use the software applications for solving corporate and design related issues. The focus is on how you apply your knowledge and skill that add value to the job you do. Your contribution as a professional is a measure of your worth, and the certification program highlights your professional abilities. Although the IT majors with whom Certiport works issue a wide variety of certifications, they offer only some selected certification programs through the portal.

The only exception

On going through the list of certifications offered by Certiport you would come across one certification program ESB which is an exception because it is the only native certificate issued by Certiport. The Entrepreneurship and Small Business Certification (ESB) aims at testing the understanding of students about small business management and entrepreneurial concepts.

Professional certification from an IT major like Adobe, Microsoft, AutoDesk, QuickBooks, and ToonBoom can boost your career immensely. Therefore, it makes good sense to pursue professional certification in your field of study.