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Interior Design Trends to Consider for 2023

What’s trendy in home decor speaks not only to our aesthetic tastes, but also to how we want to live. House decor trends frequently signal a consistent transition towards a new way of life.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect opportunity to add more flair, vibrancy, and comfort to your room, this list is for you. We asked experienced designers and industry insiders about the top interior design trends for 2023.

Earth Tones

Some of us may associate the term “neutral” with “boring,” but this does not have to be the case. Warm, earthy colours make any place feel welcoming and cosy, and choosing a nature-inspired paint colour may add instant comfort to a room. Picking hues reflective of the outdoors, from deep reds and tans to inviting calm greys and beiges, makes for a soothing house.

These palettes will offer a warm and peaceful mood to your house, ranging from sand tones to chocolate hues! Choose bright or pastel colour schemes for your living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

Porcelain Countertops

Porcelain countertop slabs are becoming a popular choice for homeowners and designers searching for a long-lasting and fashionable countertop surface.

Porcelain countertops are likely to be a big trend in the coming year, and its dignified appearance will last in any bathroom or kitchen remodel.

Porcelain countertops come in a variety of hues and designs. Some options provide a high-end appearance that closely resembles marble and quartzite. You may also obtain porcelain that looks like concrete but doesn’t require the upkeep of concrete worktops. Furthermore, because all slabs are uniform, there is no need to visit a stone yard to select slabs.

Porcelain countertops may be the correct solution for you if you want a marble look without the marble price tag or care, consider contacting your nearest countertop fabricators to learn more.

DIY Mid-Century Decor

The 1960s and 1970s have come back into fashion, and this decade can be seen in everything from interior colour palettes to furniture and décor. Consumers are returning to the more creative aspect of mid-century modern design, away from the bright shiny ‘modern’ feelings. Consider natural materials, organic shapes, and textural finishes.

People have been drawn to these personal, earthy-rooted characteristics and simpler periods as a result of the stress and loneliness of recent years. Search for objects with an obvious handcrafted quality from thrift and vintage stores and incorporate these touches into home. You can also consider installing plantation shutters and glass bifold doors or adding trims to the walls for a more mid-century modern look.

Arches and Curves

In 2023, sharp edges will give way to softer curves, so look for more arched entrances and entries, curved furniture, and rounder sculptural forms. We were just in a phase of modernism that included more square edges and straight lines, and design trends always come back around.

Overall, the technique has a more organic feel to it, as well as an overall sense of lightness. Furniture and decor such as sofas, chairs, vases, and mirrors are some of the simplest and least expensive ways to incorporate arches and rounder shapes into your house. If you’re ready to go big, consider investing in an arched doorway.

Jewel-Box Laundry Rooms

While a laundry room is often disregarded, it can become a pleasant surprise as an accent point in the home. Laundry isn’t many people’s idea of fun, so interior designers are attempting to add some glam to these rooms by using bright colours, shimmery finishes, richly patterned details, and even whimsical accessories to keep the mood up and prevent those from dreading entering one of the most hardworking rooms in the home.