7 Ways to Celebrate with Friends While You’re Staying at Home

The lockdown guidelines in some places may have eased up a little, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely safe to go out and celebrate special occasions the way you’re used to. At the same time, staying safe at home doesn’t mean you have to miss out on events that focus on personal milestones, like a friend’s birthday or promotion. Below, we’re sharing 7 ways that you can let your friends and family know that you’re celebrating with them even though you’re far away:

Have food delivered to their house. No birthday is complete without the celebrant’s favorite dishes and desserts. Even if your loved one can’t go to their favorite restaurant on their birthday, that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy their favorite food. Whip up their favorite dishes yourself or order it from a restaurant and have the food delivered to their place. They’ll definitely enjoy their quarantine birthday celebration a lot more.

Give them a set of comfy clothes. It can be difficult to buy clothes when you don’t live with the person you’re going to gift it to, but pajamas and other loose-fitting clothes are different. You can buy a pair that’s a few sizes bigger than what the celebrant usually wears to make sure that it fits. In addition to pajamas, you can also send them a waffle bathrobe or wearable accessories like hats and relaxing socks

Give them a gift of their favorite alcohol. During quarantine, alcohol is something that most people would likely have a stash of at home. This is especially true for people who have birthdays coming up. Get the birthday celebrant another bottle of their favorite alcohol to save them some money and allow them to skip one trip to the grocery store for a booze run.

Suggest a new outfit for their virtual birthday party. Get in touch with family members and friends to plan an outfit together for the celebrant. Assign each participant a piece of clothing, and once the outfit is complete, send your group gift. There are very few reasons to get dressed while cooped up at home, so this gift and a Zoom party will motivate the celebrant to glam up and look their best on their special day. 

Send them a surprise package from their favorite online store. Do you know what the birthday celebrant’s favorite brands are? Getting them something from one of those brands on their birthday is another good gift idea. They’ll surely appreciate an unexpected package arriving at their doorstep from a brand that they frequently shop from. If you’re not sure what they like, you can also opt to give them gift certificates. 

Prepare an e specially curated playlist. If you and the celebrant like the same artists or simply love music, you can create a playlist full of songs that remind you of your most cherished memories together. That playlist can give them something new to listen to and is a nice 2020 update to the classic mixtape. 

Give them post-dated personal coupons. If the celebrant insists on hosting a birthday with you and your friends and family after quarantine, why not give them something else to look forward to as well? You can create coupons with acts of service or special experiences to be redeemed by the celebrant after quarantine. By sending a coupon for a simple hug or a lavish night out, you can encourage each other to expect better, happier things while waiting for the lockdown to end. 

There are many ways to show you care, from sending a thoughtful package and delivering home-cooked food to their doorstep, to activities and acts of service that you can do together once it’s safe to host a party again. How are you planning to celebrate a friend or family member’s birthday or milestone this year?