Choosing the Right E-Liquid for Your Vape Tank

On the face of it, choosing an E-Liquid may seem like only about picking the right flavour and nicotine strength. But there is more to it than that.

An often overlooked aspect by people new to vaping when it comes to choosing e-liquid is how the juice might work with their vape tank of choice.

Of course, it takes time and patience to get your vaping setup right, with lots of trial and error in between. But getting your vape tank and e-juice combo right from the start will be invaluable.

Your Vape Tank it more Important than you Think

When you take an e-cig device apart, the basics are largely the same. A heating element (aka coil), an atomiser and a chamber for holding the juice; the battery too, of course.

However, there are so many subtleties in play especially when it comes to mods that your vaping experience can be vastly different from someone else’s, despite both of you possessing almost similar devices.

For this reason, vaping can be a rather personal endeavour. It’s also why many vape enthusiasts spend lots of time experimenting and tweaking.

While some vapers may prefer a low-key vape, there are those who derive fun in the thick fog of vapour. Some might fancy a strong throat hit, others may appreciate a smoother experience more.

Every vaper is different and discovering what works best for you is a satisfying experience in itself.

One aspect of vaping that makes the experience unique is your choice of vape tank.

You will find a myriad options on the market as far as tanks go, but for simplicity purposes, you can group them into two main categories:

  • MTL (mouth to lung) tanks
  • Sub ohm tanks (aka DL or direct lung)

MTL (Mouth to Lung) Tanks

Mouth to lung is one of the most common methods of vaping and should come naturally to people who have experience with cigarettes.

In fact, a lot of MTL-focused tanks are built with this in mind, using commercial coils that come with a more restrictive airflow and juice flow.

Since they have a tighter draw, users with a preference for high nicotine often prefer this style of tank – most smokers making a transition to vaping fall under this category.

Due to their somewhat restrictive airflow, MTL tanks are also perfectly suited for PG-based e-liquids which are characteristically thinner.

Sub Ohm Tanks

Sub ohming is vaping with a device that makes use of coils with a resistance level of less than 1.0 ohm – contrast this to regular vape coils which employ coils that range above 1.0 ohm (usually between 1.5 to 2.8 ohms).

This largely impacts the design of the vape tank.

This is why you will find most vape tanks designed for sub ohm vaping are only capable of using coils with a resistance of less than 1.0 ohm. Typically, they boast larger air vents and juice channels.

Larger air vents mean more air flowing into the tank and larger juice channels mean more e-liquid on the wick, both conditions suitable for sub ohming. The result is a production of huge dense clouds from the device.

Sub ohm tanks – used for direct-to-lung vaping – typically require more power and e-liquid consumption.

Which Juice for Which Vape Tank?

Think of e-liquid as you would fuel in a car. To ensure optimal functioning and prevent the engine from knocking, you need the right fuel.

Vape juice is no different.

To deliver the best rounded vape experience, MTL tanks need to be paired with thinner PG e-liquids – anything above 50% PG.

Yes, it is practically possible to use high VG (thicker) e-liquid in an MTL tank, but it is not advisable.

Reason is because you are likely to end up with dry hits and burnt wicks as the viscous juice will have a hard time making its way through a device purposely intended for use with thinner liquids.

Same case for sub ohm tanks. They are best suited for holding VG e-liquid which is thicker. Thinner PG will result in a leaky mess.

Ultimately, your setup is your choice; you might discover a unique configuration that is alien to most people.

However, as with car tanks and fuel, there usually are general guidelines like those we have discussed that go a long way towards making your vape journey an uncomplicated one.