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Styling Tips for Men for Winter 2021

It has been a pretty weird year, hasn’t it? But as we get closer to its end, it is that time of the year again where our favourite chunky knitwear sweaters and leather jackets make their way into our wardrobes. Winters can be a little challenging when it comes to one’s personal style. With the cold breeze making your teeth stutter, it is easy to just give up on the fashion. But not anymore! 

With our styling tips and the new collection from Balmain for men, you can beat the winter blues and dress up like a king.

TIP 1: Add Accessories:

With the right scarves, gloves and hats, you cannot only add style to your attire but also add the needed warmth. They help you brighten up your attire and complete outlook. Make sure to stock up colours like mustard yellow, emerald green, dark reds and blues etc. They are perfect for winters and easily match with your outerwear as well. Furthermore, you can try out patterned scarves and gloves too, to add the needed spark to your final appearance. 

TIP 2: Get High Quality Outerwear:

A gentleman always knows where to invest and outerwear is one of the most important clothing pieces to get for winters. A high quality coat speaks for itself, or preferably, a genuine hooded leather jacket is a perfect choice. Never aim for cheap outerwear as it lacks quality and its outlook is quite full too. Moreover, a premium coat will definitely last you for years. Thus the investment will pay off pretty well. Stay warm and look stylish! 

TIP 3: Take Care of your Skin:

You can style all the best pieces together but if your skin is not glowing, everything gets quite dull. Thus, gear up on your skincare guys. Stay hydrated and moisturize your skin daily. There is nothing more unattractive than a dry skin that kills the vibe of your attire as well. Thus, do not neglect your skin during the harsh winter days. 

TIP 4: Layer Properly:

Layering is the key to staying warm but whilst doing so, we usually skip the style part. All we care about is layering. Layer (for sure), but in style. Make sure that the colours are contrasting one another and that the layers are complementing. From your thermals to your shirt and your outerwear, everything should be in perfect synchronization. And oh, don’t forget your boots. 

TIP 5: Get the right Boots

With the right pair of shoes, you can conquer the world. We surely do not know about the world but you can certainly conquer your outlook. Make sure that you invest in high quality footwear for winters. Boots are the go-to for everyday use as they keep you warm and look uber stylish as well. Having 2-3 boots in neutral colours like black, brown and blue can be extremely helpful. They are easily pairable with all types of attires. You can also experiment with patterned boots as they are quite trending these days and are great for anyone who likes to make a bold style statement. 


Winters can be challenging for your style but with the right effort, you can put together an attire that speaks of luxury and style in all ways. Pick the right outerwear, boots and accessories and pair them together in a stylish manner to stand out. Also, never be scared to step out of the box and try something new with patterns and bold colours.