Comparing Polyester versus Vinyl Adirondack Chair Covers

Vinyl and polyester are two very common materials used for making chair covers. While people are getting onto buy one, they used to get confused about which these materials to choose for optimum protection. Based on the coverage needs for your Adirondack chairs and the place where you live, either one of these may work well for your specific use case. Here we will discuss a few benefits and shortfalls of each of these materials.

Vinyl material benefits

Vinyl comes at a very low cost which is also highly moisture-resistant and durable. Vinyl covers are also easy to store by being very lightweight. It is also easy to take on and off your Adirondack chairs. This may be great with the best looks and offering protection on a budget.

The vinyl material will also work well with indoor coverage needs. For example, if you are storing your chairs inside, you may want to consider it the best covering option. However, for outdoor conditions, polyester cover may provide better protection. There are various types of vinyl materials to choose from, and each of them may offer a different level of protection.

Disadvantages of vinyl

Vinyl is, of course, a very strong material, but it can be so stiff also, which may not simply flow on to ensure the best fit on your Adirondack chair. The stiffness of Adirondack chair covers made of vinyl may also cause the cover not to fit seamlessly fit into the furniture. A cover that looks too large may also be felt ugly and can cause debris to accumulate underneath it.

If you live in a humid or rainy region, you may also have some trouble with vinyl covers. Vinyl may let water droplets inside the cover, which may get trapped out there. When water remains inside the cover for a longer period, it will cause the growth of mold and mildew.

Advantages of polyester

The polyester material is scratch-resistant and highly durable. Polyester is a very strong fabric that can protect your Adirondack chairs from any debris or scratching. Polyester is also treated with various substances to enhance its capability and durability. It can be UV resistant, water resistant, fade-resistant and mold resistant, etc.

Polyester is also a lightweight material which makes it very easy to put on and off the Adirondack chairs. You can also fold and store it anywhere. As these very lighter, it is very easy to install and uninstall polyester covers.

Shortfalls of polyester covers

Polyester covers may perform better than vinyl, but you may have to shell out some extra money to get these higher-quality polyester covers when it comes to the cost of the same. However, when you consider how much you have spent on your outdoor and indoor furniture, these expensive protective covers are fully worthwhile to consider.

Apart from this, there are various other materials besides outdoor and indoor Adirondack chair cover. Therefore, you may gather as much information as possible about different materials and identify which one best suits your needs in hand.