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What Are The Best Anti-Ageing Treatments?

Best anti-ageing treatment. For our skin, we want the best and, above all, that any procedure is less invasive.

If you still don’t know about redensification, when you do, you will be delighted!

It is the perfect option for those looking for a natural anti wrinkle injections for treatment. And it is just that, it is a skin rejuvenation treatment based on hyaluronic acid with vitamins that do not paralyze muscles, but gives volume and eradicates wrinkles while perfectly respecting the expression of the face.

If you were looking for a treatment to combat the signs of ageing and do it in the most natural way possible, you have found it!

What do anti-ageing treatments improve?

The basic component of redensification is hyaluronic acid. Do you know why this compound is so important?

Normally, our body generates it by itself, and it is responsible for retaining water in the tissues to show youthful skin. Over time, the body begins to lower the levels of hyaluronic acid production, leading to the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of facial ageing.

Hyaluronic acid, along with elastin and collagen are essential compounds for facial youth. With this compound, the redensification wants to return to the body the level of hyaluronic acid it needs to stay young, and these are the results that you will notice from the first session:

Improves hydration: over time and, especially, from the age of 30, the skin begins to need more nutrition as it dries more frequently.  

It is important to use a specific moisturizing lotion for each skin type so that the effect is as expected.

With the redensification treatment, hyaluronic acid activates the functions of skin cells that had been inactive due to the low level of this compound. 

Improves luminosity: Do you notice that even when you put on makeup, your face looks the same as a few years ago? It is normal. 

Not only do wrinkles reveal the passage of time, but one of the most common signs of photoaging is the loss of skin luminosity.

This is also fought by redensification, which with its antioxidant effect recovers the sheen that our face had lost, filling it with life.

Improves smoothness: it is the best anti-ageing treatment because it has a restructuring action and cell regeneration, with which it combats the thickening of the skin, achieving a lifting and firming effect.

Fills in wrinkles: unlike other treatments that paralyze the area, such as botox, redensification, thanks to its compound of hyaluronic acid and vitamins, fills in wrinkles and corrects imperfections while respecting facial expression.

It ensures a natural result: if we want something when we undergo an anti-ageing aesthetic treatment, it is for our face to look natural as if 10 years had been removed from it.

Thanks to the fact that the hyaluronic acid incorporated in redensification treatment is of high molecular weight, not cross-linked, and practically the same as that produced by our body, the results will be identical.

Facial densification is a low-impact treatment to rejuvenate the face, perfect for beginners in aesthetic medicine, and provides a very natural result, improving the skin without changing our look at all.

Do you want to rejuvenate your skin and make it stay young as if time had stopped? Now is the time! Locate your closest clinic and check out facial redensification treatments.