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Countries With The Best Quality Beauty Products And Where To Order Them

Savvy beauty customers no longer rely on trips to brick and mortar retail stores to make the bulk of their purchases. Global events, periods of isolation, and a demand for innovative beauty solutions, have all influenced a robust online industry. A recent survey into beauty purchasing found 26% of consumers spent between $50 and $100 a month online, with a further 23% spending in excess of $100 each month. The Asia-Pacific region is a leader in the global cosmetics industry, in terms of consumption, market growth, beauty trends, and the setting of industry standards. Furthermore, research has shown that along with a growing reliance on online purchasing options, consumers are also turning to the internet for product reviews, ingredient listings, application advice, and what’s trending.  If you’re on the lookout for quality beauty products, these are the best ones to purchase, and where to order them.

Japanese Flair

The beauty industry operates on the cusp of innovation and yet roots itself in time-honored ingredients and formulas. No country better represents this fusion than Japan. Japanese skincare uses natural ingredients such as seaweed and rice, favors the layering of products, and the use of gentle oils over harsh soaps. Ecommerce shipping has opened the Japanese cosmetic industry to the world with very positive sales results. Shop Japanese beauty online at the massive Dokodemo marketplace, the more exclusive Takaski, and the budget-friendly YesStyle. For winning products try Shisedo, and its offshoot Shisedo Senko. This cult Japanese brand has top-rating cleansers with rice germ oil, while its Perfect Whip is one of the country’s best ever selling products. DHC’s super collagen cream is another internet winner from a favorite made-in-Japan brand.

Best of K-beauty

The term K-Beauty emphasizes the Korean approach to glowing, hydrated, and healthy-looking skin through the use of homegrown brands that are now internet sensations. K-Beauty products provide quality skin and cosmetic solutions that embrace natural ingredients such as ground mung beans, rice, ginseng, turmeric, and green tea. To shop K-Beauty, head to GMarket, Style Korean, or Jolse. As for Korea’s best products, Laneige is a classic Korean brand. Their new release Water Sleeping Mask is already a cult favorite, while their Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer is a hit double-duty product. Meanwhile, Innisfree is a quality pick with mostly natural ingredients sourced from Jeju Island. Their Black Tea Youth Enhancing Ampoule is a consistent top seller in most online stores.

China Combines TCM with Beauty Goals

China, long known for its traditional medicine, also incorporates TCM principles and ingredients into its best-selling beauty brands. Wei Beauty’s Royal Ming Empress Cream is a herbal skincare product that’s attracted a global online following. Chanda’s Luna Whitening Hydration Eye Cream is an internet hit from another popular Chinese brand. Cha Ling, or ‘tea-forest’ in Mandarin, is a Chinese brand owned by LMVH that incorporates Pu’er tea into its products. Its product simply called The Cream features a high concentration of this fermented tea. You can shop Chinese beauty products online at AliExpress and Care to Beauty.

Many of us have been affected by periods of homestay, curbed travel, and diminished consumer choice. Thanks to the energetic online focus of the beauty industry, the world’s best quality beauty products are brought direct to the consumer, fostering cultural connections and taking care of glowing complexions worldwide.