Dating 101 for Dudes: Prep Tips for Your Hot Date

You’ve already done the hard work of gaining the attention of your upcoming date. Now you have to find a way to keep it. Preparing for your hot date is important. You want to feel confident and refreshed for your outing, and there’s plenty you can do to achieve the effect.

If you feel like you need a little assistance preparing for your upcoming date, then you’ve come to the right place. Take a hint, and read through these helpful tips to help you get ready for a stellar evening. For more tips related to mens grooming, visit

Don’t skip your workout routine

Get a few reps in the day of your date to make sure your muscles are tone.  Your body will look better after a quick workout than it will without taking such a step.  If you don’t go to the gym regularly, try doing a few push ups to relieve the pre date jitters.

Take a shower to smell nice

Take the plunge for your date, and get a shower. You want to smell fresh and clean, especially if you plan on getting a little close with your company. Showering before your date also shows that you put effort into placing your best foot forward. It makes a good impression.

Shave your face and clean under your fingernails

A clean shaven face and clean fingernails shows that you pay attention to detail when you’re grooming yourself.  Go the extra mile for yourself, so you feel your best as you set out with your new date.  A close, freshly shaven face is primed for kisses.

A line of dirt under your fingernails doesn’t show that you’re a hardworking guy, it shows that you don’t clean yourself thoroughly. Your date will not likely find dirty fingernails appealing, so be sure to get them clean while you’re washing your hair in the shower.

Wear something brand new

Go out and buy a new outfit for your date. You won’t have to worry about pressing your pants, and you’ll look crisp in a brand new ensemble. Dress appropriately, of course, but always dress nice.

Clean up the house

It’s a bit presumptuous to think that your date will end in your home, but cleaning your house before a date is always a good idea.  You don’t know if your date will want to come inside for a nightcap or not, and you don’t want them coming into a dirty bachelor pad.

Do a mental run-through of your date

If you initiated the date, plan the date. Plan every detail, so there’s no room for lag. Find flirty questions to ask a girl, come up with interesting topics to discuss, and visualize listening and responding to your date in an empathetic way. You want to seem calm and collected while you’re with your date, so put some forethought into the situation.