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Using Essential Oils to Improve Your Skin’s Elasticity

Do you have something on your skin that haunts you when you stand before the mirror or makes you feel embarrassed when you’re in a get-together? We guess you have something. It can be seemingly ever-lasting wrinkles on the face or stretch marks from face to feet. It can be a pale skin complexion or dark spots. And the reason why you can have all these flaws is the lack of skin elasticity. Well, if the endless treatment choice for any of these very issues also makes you upset, then Oh dear, we have a perfect option for you. We know what makes you satisfied – something that turns out to be absolutely natural and brings desired results.

So we suggest using essential oils that are completely natural substances sourced from different plants/trees.  “Essential oils contain antioxidant” elements that fight against free radicals and provide protection to skin from internal and external damage. These oils can help in:

  • Balancing skin tone.
  • Production of collagen(skin protein).
  • Providing protection from skin inflammation and environmental damage to it.
  • Giving a prominent excel to new skin cell production.

So, Keep on reading to know about our special choice of essential oils for you.

Anise Star Essential Oil

Calling Anise Star essential oil the “brighter star” on the skies of essential oils won’t be a lie. Yes, dear! The oil gets this rank just because of its antioxidant and phytonutrient properties. The oil has a good repute in healing and skin care therapies. It helps boost up collagen production that provides protection to skin from internal and external threats such as acne, wrinkles and sunspots. Additionally, Anise Star essential oil contains gallic acid and Limonene that make it a powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial for the skin.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Because of Ylang Ylang essential oil’s anti-ageing characteristics, it has a bigger contribution to the cosmetic industry. This essential oil contains such powerful antioxidants that it helps ward off free radicals and repairs skin protein and thus provides a renewal to your precious skin.

Frankincense Essential Oil

The frankincense plant is mainly native to India but travels throughout the world in the form of essential oil. Well known for providing a shield against sunburn, Frankincense essential oil helps increase skin shine and decrease the appearance of wrinkles. One of the oil’s primary potentials is to help generate new skin cells which in turn improves your skin elasticity. And this is perhaps one of the reasons why this oil has become a must in the list of skin-tightening essential oils.

Final Words

Nothing man-made can be more beneficial in terms of improving your skin’s elasticity than what nature has blessed us with. And the perfect example in this context is essential oils. Also, make sure you keep in mind some precautionary measures when opting for an essential oil to enhance your skin elasticity. Dilute each essential oil with some carrier oil to make it gentler for the skin. Also, make sure you’re choosing a company that offers up 100% pure essential oils at fair prices to prevent yourself from handing over some impure yet overly expensive product. We all thank mother nature for what she has done for us and for our skin!