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Domestic Kitchen Décor: Amazing Alternatives for Kitchen Islands

Your attention may immediately drift to so many features when you think of improving your kitchen layout and functionality. You can start examining lighting, window position, countertop, cooktop, hood, cabinets, shelves, backsplash, walls, and ceilings. In essence, every single part of the cooking zone may suddenly gain an individual character, which otherwise never bothered you much. Of course, it means you had a great interior where everything blended so well that you didn’t have to worry about anything specifically. However, this equation can be relevant only until your next renovation project.

When you start exploring new designs, you have to be careful about every single choice. For example, you may decide to change the appearance of your sink area with a fresh bowl design. For this, you can take a tour of a Kraus kitchen sink for culinary spaces. Then, you can also wonder whether there is any merit in having a kitchen island. While it serves as an extension of a worktop, you don’t have to stick to the traditional choices anymore. Instead, you can browse through clever and creative alternatives, especially if you have a smaller kitchen. Here are some suggestions to help you assess their utility in your cooking room. 

Movable bar

In a galley kitchen, even an extra inch of space can mean a world. That’s why it can be worth considering the option of a doorway counter gate. You can pull the portable bar to serve as an additional island when working in the kitchen. And when done, you can push it out of your way. You can choose a granite surface for this to align it with your kitchen décor.

A narrow console table

You can use it as a dining spot or island based on your need. Just make sure you get the height right. Experts say that you can measure the height, width, and length beforehand to make it befitting your space. If your kitchen looks antique, buy backless stools to enhance its aesthetics even more.

Console table

Again, a small cooking zone cannot afford a proper breakfast table. But don’t feel disappointed yet. A slim console table or a floating shelf can be a perfect match in this scenario. In addition, you can add comfy stools to complete the look. 

Storage table

You have to be extra wary when you decorate a small space as every element needs to communicate at functional and aesthetic levels. However, since it can be challenging to squeeze in an island in a tiny room, you can choose an old table with large drawers to grace the available area. The slim table can also come in handy for buffet or flower decoration purposes. 

Bistro table

Approximately a 24-inch round table with a height of about 30 inches can easily make a place for itself anywhere. Just cover it with a beautiful cloth when you don’t engage it in kitchen duties. It can instantly define the efficiency and stylish vibe of your kitchen.


In a galley kitchen, everyone understands that space might not be readily available. But some clever tricks can create magic. For example, you can get a vanity desk for the prep area. When all the corners remain busy, you can move a few tasks to this place to de-clutter your main countertop. Or, you can use this vanity for storage purposes. It is more about identifying your priorities and making use of things based on them. To increase its functionality, you can equip it with a pair of metal stools. Just remember, how you keep it can have a massive impact on the overall kitchen appearance. 

Glass table

Some households prefer this over the island because it needs significantly less room to fit and serve your purpose. It can mingle with any theme to create a smooth visual flow. Plus, you can use it for kitchen duties too. If you don’t want to get bogged down by a large island, this glass table option can be the right thing to seek after for your functional and decorative ambitions.

Wheeled table

A modern farmhouse kitchen offers terrific design and decoration freedom. You can maintain airiness in the kitchen by getting a rustic-style table with wheels instead of a bulky island. The table can attend to your daily chores as a desk, worktop, dining table, and more. Since it has wheels, you can move it in any part of the house when any such occasion arises. However, it will be better to get your hands on a folding model; fold the table to store it away in one corner when you don’t need it. Of course, you cannot imagine this flexibility with a proper island feature.

Bar cart

Do you have a center table in a kitchen that doubles as a prep area and dining surface?  Then, you can consider adding a bar trolley to store a few appliances too. It will create some free space on the counter. Besides, you can find it quite helpful if you live on a rental property. Some landlords don’t allow you to modify things. In that scenario, the little bar carts can offer wonderful respite. 

Like this, you can go on exploring all the possibilities that allow you to do away with space-eating islands. However, it is only one feature of the kitchen. As said, when you plan to renovate it completely, you will need to figure out every aspect of this area to make it the better version of its older self. The task can be daunting, which is undoubtedly so. But you don’t have to give up on your kitchen upgrade ideas. Instead, you can start with minor changes to build them up to the level you always desired. Besides, you can consult professionals for a few words of wisdom.

You can hesitate until you don’t make up your mind. Once you make the decision, everything can fall into place. So, please don’t surrender yourself just yet. Start with removing annoying things first. Then, as your space de-clutters, you will be able to visualize its functionality with more clarity.