Soaring Demand for Indian Ethnic Wear all over the World

Known for its elegance and charm, the Indian ethnic wear represents a unique line of clothing that comes in vibrant colors, patterns, and designs. As the Indian clothing industry continues to break its own frontiers, and extend its market reach using e-commerce to link up with the rest of the world, the market demand for her ethnic wear has continued to grow at a tremendous rate.

The traditional glamour and opulence of Indian wear combined with the formality and comfort associated with western wear produced a line of cloth that appealed to the global civilization and increased the popularity of Indian ethnic wear in the worldwide market.

How Big is The Demand for Ethnic Wear?

Statista estimates that the market size of the ethnic wear segment across India alone was Rs. 925 billion in 2018. That was almost 25% of the entire domestic apparel market making it the single largest contributor to the market size.

With the market size estimated to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.1% till 2028, it goes without saying that the Indian ethnic wear market size will only continue to grow further.

Categories of Ethnic Wear

The Indian ethnic wear segment comprises not just women’s ethnic wear which is the single largest category, but also, men’s ethnic wear, boys’ wear and girls’ wear. Of these, the women’s ethnic wear segment is the largest making up about 81% of the entire market demand.

What is Driving the Growing Demand?

Not too long ago, Indian ethnic attires were beginning to get replaced with western wear even within Indian shores. Companies made it compulsory for their employees to wear western outfits and youths were leaving the native attires behind for more trendy outfits.

However, not only has this trend been bucked. The demand for Indian ethnic wear has continued to increase globally. This has been attributed to the following;


The merging of Indian ethnic attires like the saree, the salwar suit, and the lehenga with western trends by fashion designers gave rise to what is now known as fusion wear which took the world by storm. This line of clothing is both traditional Indian, yet easy to carry, and usable not just for occasions but as everyday wear.

Increase in Use of E-Commerce Channels

In recent years, the e-commerce sector has in itself seen tremendous growth. The opening up of the global market by e-commerce platforms gave local brands the opportunity to compete globally.

The increasing use of these platforms by Indian fashion brands has helped them to reach the global fashion market, leading to an increase in the international demand for Indian ethnic wears with buyers looking to purchase traditional embroidered sarees, kaftans, tunics and Kurtis all of which are available on the online stores.

High-Quality Dresses at Affordable Prices:

Indian fashion designers and e-commerce websites have made Indian ethnic wear into a cost-effective and reasonable clothing option with attires available at reasonable prices.

Creation of Perfect Wears for Traditional occasions

India may be modernizing but at heart, many Indians will remain traditional and nothing says tradition more than a beautifully traditional and ethnic outfit worn during a festive occasion such as Navratri, Karwa Chauth, and Eid.

With many traditional styles now fused with Western trends, the perfect easy to wear cloth for use in celebrating festivities has been created. This has led to an increase in the use of ethnic wear for Indian weddings, festivals, and special occasions.


As it stands, the Indian ethnic wear market is poised to keep gaining momentum. Good for India? Certainly and I’m sure you will agree.