Men’s Fashion: Minus the Glasses

Not all people are intrinsically interested in fashion. Not all men are particularly interested in men’s fashion. But if you are, then you know how important the presentation of your face is. And one of the most iconic accessories that go around your face is whatever glasses you are wearing, or you are not wearing. So a big decision regarding your outfit is going to be what goes over your eyeballs. You have a much more limited range of options if you have to wear prescription eyeglasses.

Because of this, it’s worth thinking about men’s fashion with or without the necessity of this prescription accessory. A few different perspectives of approach makes sense. First of all, you can get contact lenses. That is probably your easiest solution.

Secondly, you could get eye surgery. After a successful operation, you will no longer need a prescription that will get in the way of your fashion sense. Third, after you correct your eyes, you have a lot more options when it comes to non-prescription fashion, for example, sunglasses that you can add to the mix.


One of the earliest fashion decisions that men can make regarding glasses is if they choose to get contact lenses. Typically when you’re younger, this is a decision that is left up to your parents. But as an adult, you have a lot more control. After you find out what your contact prescription is, there are daily, monthly, astigmatism, and other options that you can utilize for maximum comfort, best quality, and usability when it comes to adjusting your fashion sense as necessary.

So, how do you care for your contact lenses to ensure you stay fashionable wearing them without any problem? First, make sure to practice proper handwashing and dry your hands thoroughly before you handle contact lenses. Follow the optometrist’s instructions for properly cleaning your contact lenses and storing them in a proper lens storage case. Change the lens storage case every three months for hygienic purposes.

Eye Surgery

If you want a more permanent solution to your eyewear fashion sense, consider getting eye surgery. Specifically, Lasik surgery is safe and effective these days, so it’s going to be one of your top choices. Lasik surgery is also much less expensive now than he used to be, and the range of eye conditions that it fixes has broadened quite widely.

Talk to an optometrist and your doctor about getting Lasik surgery, and you’ll probably be happily surprised concerning all of the options that are available to you. After surgery, your fashion options will explode.

Non-Prescription Fashion

Also, after you get contacts or eye surgery, you can add glasses fashion back into the mix, but with more excellent options. For example, you can look up fashionable sunglasses without having to worry about putting your prescription into the mix. If you watch any fashion show with men, you’ll see that sunglasses are a big part of many different routines.

For instance, if you’re into water sports or any water activity, you can’t get by without wearing polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses are popular in men’s sports fashion because they help reduce glare. While polarized lenses can’t protect your eyes from ultraviolet or UV damage than standard UV lenses, they can provide you with more accurate and clearer vision, alleviating eye strain. So, if you squint a lot, consider wearing polarized sunglasses. 

There are many options available for sunglasses, such as rectangle glasses for men to tone down an oval face, perfect for everyday or even formal use. Rectangle sunglasses have wider frames than they’re tall. Angular rectangle frames are suitable for round faces, adding length to a short face. Thus, if you have an oval face, you can also benefit from wearing rectangular sunglasses with softer edges.

Once you get your eyes fixed, any option that you see on the runway will be available to you. Plus, having options when it comes to actually blocking out the sun as part of your fashion routine is smart as well.