What Does Your Tattoo Say About Your Personality?


A tattoo is a statement on the form of art that you put on your body and carry with you forever. These are not for the fickle of heart and require much endurance and a strong commitment. Different tattoo designs and their placement can say unique things about your personality. Find out more below.

While tattoos are much appreciated these days, it has not always been the case. People with tattoos were often perceived to be rebellious. Some people consider them to be threatening or criminals. But it is not true because tattoos are part of art and carry deeper meanings for the people who get them.

Meaning of Different Tattoos

Each tattoo design carries a special meaning. These are discussed here.

Spider Web Tattoo Meaning: A spider web tattoo signifies the world’s interconnectedness. 

Medusa Tattoo: The Medusa tattoo can mean that you support women’s empowerment and healing from trauma.

Religious Symbols: This means that you are religious and like to remind yourself to stay that way.

Tribal Tattoo: Tribal tattoos mean that you prefer a wild life or relate deeply with your tribe and culture.

Map Tattoo Meanings: Getting map tattoos means that you are adventurous and like traveling. The Coordinates of a particular place can remind you of a memory of that place.

Armband Tattoo: An armband tattoo means that you have suffered a significant loss in life, probably of a loved one.

Minimalist Tattoos: Minimalist tattoos can carry significant meaning individually to the person. 

Sailor Tattoos: Sailor tattoos are very fashionable. They look fantastic and can mean that you are a person who likes pretty aesthetics.

Tattoos that Signify Balance: Yin and Yang or a sun and moon tattoo can mean that you prefer balance in life.

12 Things Your Tattoos Say About You

You are Confident

People who get tattoos are confident about themselves. Your tattoo sends a message to the world that you are not afraid of their judgment. You have a good understanding of who you are and what you stand for.

You are aware of yourself and your life choices. You are also aware of how people perceive you. You deal with everything confidently. You are also quite resilient about all the negativity surrounding your image.

You Treat Your Body Like a Canvas

Tattoos give you the authority to decorate your body however you like. They are artistic images drawn on your body by an artist. You make your body a canvas by taking control of how it looks. 

Tattoos are a great way to paint your body in your favorite colors. It can also be a way to deal with issues of body image and insecurities.

You Appreciate Art

You resonate strongly with the images you draw on yourself. You feel one with those pieces of art. You turn your body into a canvas due to your deep appreciation of art.

People who get tattoos are knowledgeable about different symbols and their meanings. When you get a tattoo, it’s because you deeply associate with it or just like the aesthetics of it. Either way, you have a great sense of art appreciation.

You are Not Scared of Others’ Perceptions of You

Everyone perceives a tattooed person differently. Some take it positively but others may not be very open to the idea. However, you are not afraid of others’ perceptions and judgment and deal with them positively.

Tattoos help you open yourself up. You are ready to deal with any curiosity or negativity that may come your way because of them.

You Don’t Worry About Taking Risks

Getting a tattoo is a risky business. It takes a lot of patience and endurance to get one. The results are permanent and it is quite expensive as well. So getting a tattoo means you are not afraid of taking risks and don’t regret your decisions.

Tattoos influence your overall image. Your choices and personality change over time. The tattoo may bleed and change in color. But you still appreciate your decision of getting inked and the person you were at the time.

In some cases where a tattoo has lost its meaning for you, you have an option that also includes risks which is tattoo removal. Learn more about this option and the methods you can proceed with as well and find shops such as Austin laser tattoo removal.

You Have Strong Emotions Related to Your Tattoos

Most people decide to get a tattoo that carries a significant meaning. It can be an image of a loved one, someone’s deceased, an important date, or a meaningful symbol. Whatever you get, it will carry a special message.

Animal tattoos, mandalas, maps, coordinates, sailor, and insect tattoos have separate meanings. Your personality can be defined depending on what you choose.

You’re Not Afraid of Commitments

Tattoos are a commitment. Permanent tattoos last a lifetime and will shape people’s ideas about you. When someone gets a tattoo, they are not afraid to make commitments. 

A tattoo makes the inked image a part of yourself forever. It will remind you of a memory, time or person. You know, even if you change, you’d like to carry the memories with you for a long time.

You Can Make Hard Choices

It is very painful to get a tattoo. So getting one can mean that you are resilient, strong, and patient. It means that you can endure pain and see a commitment through. Tattoos are also expensive and can attract unwanted attention. It takes energy to deal with them. So, it shows that you can make hard choices when you want.

You are Positive and Understanding

People who get tattoos deal with a lot of misconceptions and negativity. It takes a great deal of positivity to get through them. They have to endure pain and criticism for being different. As a result, a tattooed person tries to understand what others go through and treat them more kindly. 

You’re Not Shy of Making Statements

Big tattoos that are placed over a part that is often exposed can be quite bold. People like to show off their muscles with tattoos. So if you have tattoos, then you are definitely not shy. Bold images in places such as necks, faces, and lower arms can mean you like people to know who you are and your beliefs.


Tattoos can have different meanings depending on their designs and placement. You should learn the importance of a symbol before getting it inked on yourself. You don’t want to get stuck with Chinese symbols with weird meanings, do you? A tattoo can also have significant effects on your life and career. So choose well before getting one. Despite everything, tattoos are cool and they make you a cooler person.