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Tips For Investing In Sneakers

Are you a hype beast or sneakerhead? These are common terms given to those who have an affinity for collecting trainers and sneakers. If you consider yourself an enthusiast, you may consider yourself a sneakerhead. Sneakers have always been popular, but recently they have boomed in popularity becoming one of the bigger businesses in the fashion industry. You will find some collectors having amassed over hundreds or even thousands of pairs of shoes and selling them for a hefty price. It’s become such a big business that just about every sneaker that is purchased upon release is bound to be resold eventually. Because these sneakers tend to come out in limited quantities, the prices can skyrocket. You may be wondering how you can get in on the action. How do you know which sneakers are going to increase in value? Here are some of the sneakers that you may want to start looking at if you are looking to invest in sneakers.

1. Kanye West’s Adidas Yeezy Boost 350

If you currently own a pair of these shoes in excellent condition, you are likely going to want to start an auction at Catawiki. This specific pair of sneakers tend to do exceptionally well. Kanye originally partnered with Adidas to create the ‘Yeezy Boost’ line for them. This is a shoe that is mostly famous for having a colored stripe on it along with the “SPLY-350” pattern found on the upper portion of the shoe. These shoes were originally released in very limited quantities. They released for a starting price of around 185 euros. To get the originals and even the 2nd model, you need to turn to the secondary marketplaces. Perhaps the most popular Yeezy’s to date is the “Zebras.” Keep an eye on new Adidas Yeezy releases here.

2. Air Jordan xxx1 Gold All-Star

Air Jordans are easily one of the main reasons sneakers have become so popular. After all, Michael Jordan popularized his sneakers back in the ’90s. It’s the reason a lot of sneakerheads ever became one in the first place. Michael Jordan was and still is the most famous basketball player on the planet. Not only did he popularize the sport, but he transcended popular culture. With a booming shoe brand, every sneakerhead knows about Air Jordans. To this day, Air Jordans remain highly sought after and they are constantly selling out every new release. To sustain pace with some of the newer trainer competition that exists, the 2017 designers went ahead and added some more flair to their shoes. This model of All-Star edition sneakers features an upper-finish of shiny gold with matching shoelaces. In as little as a year after they were released, they could be found selling on the secondary market for as much as 3,000 euros.

3. Balenciaga Triple S

This specific trainer began generating a lot of talk on the Internet for their high price tag and unique design. They look as if they were designed in the ’90s, but since retro is constantly in-demand, it plays well in modern times. Balenciaga has garnered a lot of respect throughout the industry and the brand is always mentioned among some of the best, therefore their Trainer S shoes do very well. They do have somewhat of a controversial design that makes them easy to talk about. 

4. Off-White Nike Air Force 1 by Virgil Abloh

This particular model is the end-result of a collab between both Nike and Virgil Abloh’s Off-White fashion label. Believe it or not, but Abloh’s dream was always to design a pair of popular Air Jordans which lead to “the Ten” model being designed. The resulting silhouette was later taken apart into two different themes. One of them was “revealing” and the other was “ghosting.” It ended up becoming one of the fastest-selling Nike collabs they have ever released.

5. Lebron 1 Air Zoom Retro Shoes by Nike

A lot of sneakerheads have the motto that they will buy anything from Nike that is sold in limited quantities. When you take a limited release and pair it with LeBron’s branding, you get an extremely sought after shoe. After all, LeBron is the modern age Michael Jordan of the newer generation. Because of this, his releases have the same significance as Jordan’s do. You can find these trainers being sold for over 1,500 euros on the secondary market.

One of the best things that you can get from being a sneakerhead investor is the ability to get a quick return on your investment. It doesn’t take very long to begin to see appreciation from your buys as long as you are knowledgeable about the marketplace. Why not start by putting your investment up for auction right now?