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Botox Hair Treatment Before and After – Explained Everything

Are you an experimenter when it comes to your hair? You like to color or bleach your hair often. Now suddenly your hair has lost all its strength after those harsh experiments and you want the shine back? If this is the case, then a botox hair treatment just might be the solution for you! To know more about the botox hair treatment before and after let’s dig deep into the main segment of the article.

What is Botox Hair Treatment?

Well, it is a hair smoothening treatment just like any other. The aftereffect of this treatment is silky smooth and shiny manageable hair.

Even if your hair has become unmanageable and frizzy, without any chemical experiment, you can go for this treatment. Sometimes our hair becomes dull.  And if you are looking for an easy solution, then a botox hair treatment is just what you need.

It will smoothen your hair and the frizz caused by humid weather and chemicals. When trimming is not an option for damage repair anymore, botox treatment comes to the rescue. It can coat the damaged fibers of your hair with various amino acids aka protein. So basically botox is filling the damaged hair fibers with proteins. Easy isn’t it?

Is it the Same as Keratin Treatment?

A big NO! It is not the same as keratin treatment. Keratin treatments are infused with chemicals like formaldehyde, botox, on the other hand, is not.

You might get confused with Brazilian Blowout, but let me clear that out as well.

Keratin treatments are infused with formaldehyde, Brazilian blowout has less amount of formaldehyde used in it, but botox has zero formaldehyde. 

The Process and Some Tips

So how long does it take to do the treatment? 

Well, the hairdresser will wash your hair, and then on the semi-wet hair, the botox mask will be applied. It will be on your hair for 45 minutes. After a quick rinse, the dresser will blow dry and then straighten your hair with a flat iron. 

After 24 hours you can shampoo your hair. Make sure to use sulfate and paraben-free shampoo always after this treatment. This treatment lasts 2-4 months  

Final Decision

After all the botox hair treatment reviews, you might be tired.

I know you have been on the internet for a long time for a final answer and this is the moment. 

We vote ‘yes’ for a botox hair treatment. Why not right?  It is affordable, it has fewer chemicals in it, unlike keratin and other smoothening treatments. It works just as fine as regular chemical studded treatments. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly. Instead of cancer-causing formaldehyde, amino acids are used in this treatment.

So for the sake of the environment and your hair, you can choose this treatment.


I hope you got the main picture of botox hair treatment before and after. As you can see, it is mostly all benefits! Botox hair treatment got all the merits of a keratin treatment but it reduces the risk of chemical damage to your hair. So, without any doubt, you can say goodbye to your frizzy hair.

Happy styling girl!