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How Do I Clean My Hair Straightener?

Your hair straightener becomes dirty over time due to greasy hair products buildup, which leaves your straightener looking grubby. That buildup of dirt and grime on your hair straightener can cause heat damage and affect your hair straightener’s quality and efficacy.

The creams, serum sprays, and oils you use on your hair daily build up in your hair straightener, resulting in a gunky mess. That is why you need to clean your flat iron to remove buildup and stains to prolong your straightener’s life.

How Do You Clean Your Hair Straightener?

When it comes to cleaning your flat iron or hair straightener, you can use various liquids to ready the tools to prepare for a new hairstyle. They include; water, scrubbing alcohol, baking soda, or acetone. Depending on the liquid you use to clean your hair straightener, follow the following steps.

Heat Your Flat Iron

Heat your flat iron to the lowest temperature heat setting and let it heat for a few minutes. Heating your hair straightener before washing helps in loosening up dirt buildup on the plates and making it easier to remove them and clean.

Once it has heated a little, unplug your straightener from the socket and double-check it is not connected to the outlet before you start cleaning it.

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Wipe Your Hair Straightener With a damp cloth or Paper Towel

As your hair straightener is cooling down, damp your towel on your preferred cleaning liquid and wipe all iron surfaces. Be cautious so that you do not burn yourself while cleaning the warm plates. To get to those tiny spaces, you cannot wipe with the towel; use a cotton swab to clean them.

Remove Stubborn Stains

Hair sprays and heat protectant create an enormous buildup of stains that can be stubborn to remove with a towel. To remove these stubborn stains from your hair straightener, you can use a toothpick to clean the hidden places.

You can also use a toothbrush dipped into rubbing alcohol and scrub off gently all the stains.

Remove Burnt-on Buildup

Some build ups will burn off on your straightener, and they won’t come off even after using a toothbrush. To remove such buildup, you can easily scrub them using a steel wool pad.

Scrub gently to avoid scratching your flat iron plates, which can damage them and cause snag while straightening your hair.

A clean hair straightener will give you great hair every day. Try and clean your flat iron at least once a week to prevent dirt buildup.

Final Verdict

When it’s time to talk about flat iron hair straightener, you must know how to clean the hair tool. After using it for a few weeks, it needs to be cleaned; otherwise, it not works properly and can damage your hair seriously. We include a few points that you can note and follow to get better results when straightening hair.