Are Online Casinos more Popular with Younger or Older Generations?

You may have noticed that online gambling has grown in popularity to a significant degree, and many brick-and-mortar casinos have not experienced the same level of growth. The health and popularity of an industry can be judged on a number of different factors, including the demographics of the population drawn to the industry. If a wide swathe of different demographics all take part in the industry, it is healthier and has a greater chance for survival than if only a few segments of the population show any interest.

The gambling industry in America has expressed concern over how to attract millennials into casinos – as many millennials were opting to stay home or go out with friends instead of gambling or visiting casinos. The rise of online gambling seems to have filled the gap that existed there, because online gambling is now incredibly popular with young people and middle-aged people.

However, is online gambling also popular with the older generation, who previously would have gone out to their local brick-and-mortar casino or corner betting shop?

The wide appeal of online gambling

Online gambling has greatly increased in popularity over the course of the last nine or 10 years. Although it was once a niche aspect of the gambling and casino industry, online gambling now dominates much of the gambling industry and even threatens the existence of some physical casinos. Online gambling companies have responded to the unprecedented consumer demand for online gambling and there are now hundreds of different online casinos for gamblers to choose from, depending on where they are located.

The prevalence of online gambling is not limited to a specific handful of regions or countries – instead, it is growing in popularity around the world. More and more local, state and federal governments are reviewing their gambling regulations and considering whether they could liberalize the laws governing gambling because it has become so popular, and because governments are looking for a new source of tax revenue after a very difficult 18 months.

The global popularity of online casinos can be seen in the launch of many new online casinos around the world. For example, according to this press release about the best online casinos in Kazakhstan, the popularity of online casinos has spread to Kazakhstan, which has a number of very highly rated casinos, all of which offer a wide array of different games in their games libraries – along with competitive registration bonuses.

Attracting older generations to online gambling

Initially, uptake of online gambling was very slow in older populations – anyone who has tried to set up a social media account or go online shopping with an older relative will understand why. Many people in older generations prefer the analog to the digital whenever they have a choice, as it is simpler, more convenient and more familiar for them.

That being said, many middle-aged and elderly people began to change their habits over the last year and a half, since during the global health crisis, options for activities outside of the home were severely limited. Many older people began to turn to their phones, asking their younger relatives for help initially navigating the setup, to give different digital platforms and apps a go.

After finally giving online gambling a try, many older people have now realized just how fun, exciting and convenient online gambling really is. There are now many more older people who are interested in gambling online. While they may still go into a bingo hall once a week, they now also play their favorite slot machine games on their phones.

What is the verdict?

At the end of the day, it is difficult to say that online gambling is more popular with one generation than another – especially as many people are just starting to explore the online gambling options. Currently, online gambling is more popular with younger generations, simply because they are more comfortable using their laptops and phones for every element of their daily lives, including shopping, school, work and entertainment.

However, as the older generations catch up to their younger counterparts in terms of digital literacy, it looks like they could surpass the younger generation in online casino use. Older people tend to enjoy the convenience of staying at home and not having to head out to a brick-and-mortar casino or bingo hall.

Regardless of which generation gambles more online, gamblers both young and old are sure to agree that online gambling is a fun, exciting and engaging way to gamble.