Why Reading Tarot Cards for Yourself May Be a Bad Idea

While tarot cards can help you get clarity and guidance in life, it can lead to uncertainty if used incorrectly. If you know how to read tarot cards, you can easily be tempted to read them yourself. After all, self-reading comes with many advantages, including no costs, timely, and confidential.

However, for you to get an accurate tarot reading, it’s essential to have a neutral approach. If you will not be objective, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get an accurate tarot reading. If that’s the case, it is advisable to seek professional readers’ help to handle the reading for you.

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What Should You Avoid When Reading Your Own Cards?

People turn to tarot cards for various reasons. Whether you need to get a snapshot into your future, career, or even relationship, you would want to ensure that you get it right. Before you decide to read your own cards, you must be sure that you can read the cards accurately. As a rule of thumb, reading your own cards should be done in a professional and ethical way.

Failure to this can lead to confusion and inaccurate results. To that end, here’s what can go wrong when you decide to read your own tarot cards.

Too Much Self Interpretation

One of the common mistakes that people make when reading their own tarot cards is to bring in too much of their interpretation. While self-reading is self-centered and subjective, this doesn’t mean that you should interpret the cards the way you want to hear.

Instead, ensure to have an open mind and trust the information that the cards present. If you’re biased, you will not get the much-needed guidance from the cards. As a rule of thumb, ensure that you have faith in the cards.

Reading the Cards When Emotional

While it may seem a better idea, it is not advisable to turn to tarot cards or psychic reading when you’re emotional. For instance, you shouldn’t read your cards immediately after being fired or after a breakup. Ensure to take your time before doing a reading to determine whether you’ll get back with your partner or even get back your job.

Reading tarot cards when emotions are running high is likely to result in an inaccurate interpretation.

Remember, during self tarot reading; you need to remain focused, calm, and objective. If you’re feeling highly emotional, you should wait until you’re calm before reading your tarot cards. Alternatively, you should find a professional tarot reader to read the cards for you.

Pulling Too Many Cards

This is another common problem during a personal tarot reading. When a person feels that they are not getting the answers they expected, they tend to draw cards until they do. If you don’t know, this is another way of interfering with the interpretation of the reading.

While you can pull an extra card to get clarification, you should not ignore the initial spread. As a rule of thumb, avoid drawing cards just because you want to bring your own interpretation into the reading.

Asking the Wrong Questions

Another common mistake people make when reading their own tarot cards is the failure to ask the right questions. Ideally, your questions should be based on reality – the present. While you can use tarot cards to predict the future, they can guide you on the present as well.

To that end, instead of asking when you will get a new job, consider asking what you can do to boost your chances of getting a job. What we do now will determine how the future will unfold. The cards can guide you on what to do now so you can make the future how you want it to be.

So, Should You Read Your Own Cards?

As you have seen above, you can easily get it wrong when reading your own tarot cards. However, if you can avoid bringing your interpretation into the reading and have an open, you can get an accurate reading. Otherwise, it is advisable to find a professional tarot reader to interpret the cards for you.