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How To Bring Natural Styles Into Your Home

We all love nature right? What’s not to love about it? Fresh flowing water, beautiful flowers, rolling landscapes, it’s all so beautiful, so why would you not want to pull the beauty of nature into the interior design of your own home? The crossover of nature and interior design is known as Biophilia which translates directly as ‘Nature Lover’, so if you are a nature lover, it’s time to get on the Biophilia bandwagon and hop on the trend!

For how you can implement Biophilia into your interior design, we’ll cover a few areas where you can easily bring nature into your home by imitating nature, displaying nature, utilising nature and by bringing nature into your home.

Imitating Nature

Imitating nature is a great way to hop onto the Biophilia trend and is probably the easiest to achieve and maintain, what we mean by imitating nature is to copy elements from the natural world and bring them into your home.

This can be done in many ways, but the most common ways to do this would be: painting walls in natural, earthy tones like greens and browns; using fake grass or astroturf around your home; creating an interior water feature; or using patterns often found in nature in your design.

Displaying Nature

This is another easy task and can be done in a few ways, for this you’ll be wanting to display landscapes of nature in your home in various ways, some require no real effort, whilst some ways are quite labour intensive.

Starting off on the easier side of this segment and you have ways to display nature such as hanging canvases of natural landscapes or animals. If you’re willing to get remodelling your home other options include having large panoramic windows overlooking nature in your home, having sky lights that let in natural light.

Utilising Nature

Utilising Nature, is really self explanatory, for this you just use materials that are derived from natural sources without too much processing in your home’s décor and design. So for this you’ll want to use nature as part of your home.

This can be done in many ways, and wood really is the prime suspect here as it’s just so versatile, you can bring wood blinds, wooden furniture and even wooden wall panelling into your home to add to the natural aesthetic in your home. If you want to avoid wood, rock is also a good material to add a natural feel, so rock beams, rock furniture and even rock flooring will add to the feel.

Bringing Nature Into Your Home

The final stage after imitating, displaying and utilising nature in your interior décor, is to finally bring nature into your home, this is one of the more abstract areas as what you can consider ‘brining in nature’ can vary from person to person, but there are some standard practices you can build off.

The ways people usually bring nature into their home varies a lot but here are some of the most popular ways: bringing plants into your
home creating a small indoor garden or flower wall, having open air ways for natural wind to pass through your home, setting up a terrarium with plants and small animals or having a blended crossover between your home and garden.