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How to care for lips with fillers?

The medical procedure for the introduction of dermal fillers based on stabilized hyaluronic acid into the lip area is aimed at increasing the volume of the lips, correcting their shape and possible imperfections (asymmetry, scars), as well as for deep moisturizing of the area. Synthesized hyaluronic acid is a polymer produced in the laboratory from non-pathogenic Streptococcus strains of non-animal origin. At the stage of synthesis, the substance is purified from impurities, proteins, and nucleic acids, and passes all levels of bacteriological and chemical research.

Recommendations before lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

  1. Find a beautician you trust and understand.
  2. Together with her/him, determine the future shape of the lips for correction.
  3. Check with a specialist in which cases it is impossible to inject with hyaluronate.
  4. Do not get lip augmentation before vacation if you are going to hot countries.

Special training is not required immediately before the procedure, the entire list of rules is quite general. It applies to both those who will do injections for the first time and those who do repeated lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid.

  1. Refrain from alcoholic beverages.
  2. It is advisable not to inject hyaluronic acid in the first days of the cycle.
  3. Do not massage before injections.
  4. Do not use pain relievers or blood thinners.
  5. Finish your vitamin E supplement.
  6. For a while, exclude a solarium and sunbathing in the active sun.

Recommendations after enlargement

Hyaluron injections are a very popular and demanding procedure. Despite this, the questions of what happens to the lips immediately after augmentation, how to take care of them, what needs to be done, and what is strictly prohibited, do not diminish. The specialists have extensive experience in carrying out such manipulations, therefore they are well aware of all the rules and the list of prohibitions and will tell you about them already at the first consultation.

You will not be able to evaluate the final result immediately, but even it will depend not only on the qualifications of the cosmetologist, the technique of injections, and the composition of the filler. Carefully study all our tips, then you will understand in advance how to maintain the effect of lip augmentation after the procedure.

What not to do

The cosmetologist will definitely tell you how to care for your lips after the procedure. Compliance with the recommendations is especially important during the first two weeks because this greatly affects the result.

It is forbidden to:

  1. Take a hot bath, shower.
  2. Visit the sauna, bathhouse, solarium.
  3. Drink hot drinks.
  4. Take medications that affect blood clotting.
  5. Drink alcohol and smoke.
  6. Paint.
  7. Apply creams and ointments. Exception: those recommended by the cosmetologist after the procedure.
  8. Actively move your lips – stretch, squeeze, strain, widely open your mouth, etc.
  9. Visit the dentist.
  10. Press on the lips.
  11. Go in for sports and heavy physical activity.
  12. Touching surfaces with your lips that you are not sure are clean (high risk of infection).
  13. Kiss.

Massage after lip augmentation

A cosmetologist should show you how to do massage. We will deliberately not describe the techniques here, since incorrect execution can seriously harm and spoil the whole result.

In turn, compliance with the recommendations and the correct approach will prevent the appearance of lumps and seals, increase blood circulation after the introduction of the drug and start the process of tissue regeneration.

How long does the result last?

The result lasts from several weeks to several years. On average, 4 to 18 months.

The duration depends on:

  • individual characteristics;
  • the selected drug;
  • compliance with the recommendations of a cosmetologist;
  • the number of procedures (the result of each subsequent procedure lasts longer).

Can I use cosmetics?

Yes, but not all of it. Be sure to exclude lip gloss and lipstick, as well as other decorative cosmetics that need to be applied to the areas around the mouth. Neutral hygiene products can be used, those that will not cause allergies on the injured skin. Unfortunately, many cosmetics are more aggressive in composition than they should be. This also applies to most foundations, so you don’t need to mask the redness and puffiness. Let the skin regenerate naturally. If you are still wondering how much you should not paint your lips after augmentation with fillers, we advise you to resort to your favorite lipsticks and gloss after at least a week. Forget about chemical peeling and harsh cleansing for a while; you can cleanse your face with ice cubes made from chamomile infusion, wrapped in a soft cloth or napkin. If you want to do permanent make-up and tattoo, it is better to do them before the injection sessions.