How to Find a Great Personal Stylist

Do you need help with your fashion styling? It probably feels like your friends understand fashion, and whatever they choose effortlessly naturally blends. Conversely, very few people can dress right. A great stylist comes in handy by working around what you have to help you feel more confident and classy. Hiding your personality or style in your old clothes should not be the case anymore. For whatever reason you have, having a go-to person is never a bad decision.

Personalized styling is an individualized experience. Here are some helpful tips to help you find a great professional that will not disappoint.

What is The Role of a Personal Stylist

A stylist’s role is to help clients decide on the best fashion choices that fall within their budget. An ideal stylist resonates with your personality, occasion, body type, and class. They will help reinvent how you shop for your closet, including shoes, clothes, bags, and accessories. They also help you feel your best by guiding you on how to wear what you have and bring together a collective look.

If you get the right professional, it will be just a matter of time before noticing the transformative changes in your dress code. Your choice could make the difference between feeling on cloud nine or insecure about yourself.

How To Find The Best Stylist for Yourself

Deciding on a great personal stylist shouldn’t feel like walking in a minefield. Here are some helpful tips to get you one in a snap.

Check Internet Posts To Review Previous Work Done

Let the internet be your friend. This is the first natural step you should take when you begin the search. Be specific about the type of person you’re looking for. Any reputable professional that believes in their work’s quality has it put up somewhere on the internet. A great place to start looking is on social media or job platforms. You are never likely to go wrong with Google. But be wary of scammers and double-check their authenticity on Nuwber.

Seek Recommendations from Others

It is okay to feel uncomfortable admitting your need for a personal stylist to yourself or others. However, nothing compares to personal recommendations. It could be of great help if you get these recommendations from friends and family. When a person you trust recommends a stylist, there are higher chances you will get a similarly good experience with them.

Check The Reviews Left by Previous Clients

A great stylist should have positive testimonials and reviews from clients. As with any other professional, reviews help separate pro stylists from wannabes. Reviews should be somewhere on the stylists’ profiles. Devour them. Some critics, however, could state that the stylist’s style did not float the client’s boat. Choose your deal breakers carefully before making a decision.

Review Their Experience

Just because someone claims they can do something doesn’t mean they have the skill. Experience provides broader knowledge in any field. Ideally, you want a person who has built a portfolio showcasing great work. Carefully go through photos in the gallery. If you have to, request photos with proof of the different ideas you want to explore.

Book Them In Advance

Great styling comes at a cost. Skilled professionals will likely be fully booked most of the time and may not work with urgent cases. Advance bookings eliminate the pressure of last-minute rush and allow for proper preparations. It is advisable to make prior contact to give room for enough organizing.

Hire The One Who Moves with Trends

Just like technology, fashion is constantly shifting. A good stylist is always up-to-date with the latest fashion and will know when new trends emerge. This is also true even if you’re looking for someone good with vintage designs. Although the style is “old school,” you want to stay modern, choosing the best pieces on the market.

Compare Prices

Check the different price ranges from other stylists. In most cases, cheap will be expensive in the end. However, there could be some stylists offering below market rates with great quality of services, probably because they are new in the industry. If your preference is not to risk the low prices, ensure that whoever you choose offers value for money, then get ready to dig deeper into your pockets. But again, do not assume that high pricing has to come with great value of services too.

Check Their Location

Technology has now changed how everyone once viewed online services. Although the distance is no longer a barrier, you may want to work with someone you can meet or chat with in person. Nevertheless, most professionals now offer online services, which are cheaper and more available. Online stylists are just as efficient as in-person professionals and will help build your service experience.

Ask for Guarantees

A real professional understands their skill and capabilities and should be reassuring to their clients. Some will even give you your money back if you are unsatisfied with their work. Others provide free teaser consultations before you commit to hiring them. However, not all stylists offering excellent quality services will give guarantees, so this should be an added advantage, not a red flag.

Book a Briefing Session with them First

Sampling is allowed everywhere, even in styling. Chat about what you are looking for before hiring them. If you like to be sure before you can commit, it’s okay to sample their work and their processes first. Finding something that works for you and fits the occasion takes time, so ensure you work with someone friendly. Building trust will help in avoiding future clashes over misunderstandings. Do not shy away from seeking clarifications when necessary. It really helps you choose the right personal stylist for the job.


An excellent personal stylist does not need to have your exact tastes. They will listen to your unique self-needs and work with them. Styling is an art, and they will introduce you and help you feel comfortable mixing colors, textures, and prints. Make your life a little easier. With a great personal stylist, you have one thing less to worry about, which will leave you feeling excited to shop and style up confidently.