How to Find the Best Men’s Winter Coat for Extreme Cold Weather

Going into the extreme cold can feel daunting. You know you’re going to have a good time, and you definitely know that there’s no other place than the snow that’ll give you such an amazing experience, but you also know that it’s going to be cold. Extremely cold. That knowledge can leave you feeling lost on how to protect yourself from those harsh elements, whether you’re touring the local area, chilling out at the après, or tearing up the powder, it’s guaranteed to be absolutely freezing. Your main line of defence is a winter weather coat. This is going to be an amazing investment that you can throw on top of basically anything and immediately feel better and, dare you say it, warm. If you’re heading into sub-zero conditions, here’s what to look for when you’re searching for your perfect winter coat:


In order to survive the extreme cold, you’ll need a jacket that’s properly insulated. There are two popular methods for insulating a jacket:

Down: Down jackets are stuffed with goose and duck feathers, and they’re incredibly warm. These are a bit of luxury, but it’s well worth investing in if you really suffer from the cold out on those slopes. Due to its featherweight interior, its light as anything to wear, easily transportable and non-intrusive to the rest of your wardrobe.

Synthetic: Synthetic insulation is a jacket that is stuffed with a man-made technical fabric that mimics down. Fibres are woven together to trap air in a similar lightweight fashion. This option is a little heavier and not as easily transportable as down, however, it’s a great alternative. Synthetic insulation is cheaper and it’s better for vegans or anyone who doesn’t love the concept of down coats.

Both insulated options impact a coat’s weight. Weight is an important factor in itself, as anything too light will not protect you against extreme mind. For really windy destinations, you need a thick, heavier piece.


You need your jacket to be properly waterproofed. You can find water-resistant or treated coat; however, this only involves a protective coating on a fabric, which means it does resist water, but only up to a certain point. You should look for a waterproof, durable coat and nothing else! You’re heading to an area that very well might snow or rain, let alone all that adventuring you’ll be doing in the powder.


For extreme winter weather coats, you’ll find that you have a choice between short, mid-length and longer styles. Shorter styles are great for quick trips, when you’re on the slopes and need flexibility, and for when you’re on the move. Mid-length is usually the best option, as it adds an extra protective layer to your upper legs without limiting your mobility. Longer length coats are for truly gruelling winters, top to toe protection is for the extreme!


Hunt for a removable hood that’s going to keep your head safe when it’s freezing. Anything that’s lined with insulating material and has adjustable strings to pull tight, is great.


There are tons of options for men’s ski jackets! Find one in your favourite colour or one that matches your style and you’ll be sure to be happy and warm whilst you look good in the snow. Just make sure that you hunt for heavyweight styles, these are the best on offer.

By following this guide, you’ll be sure to make the very best choice for you. Remember that your winter coat should be an investment that lasts for a long time to come, so do your homework and get exploring to start your journey!