Home Decor

Wooden Art Decorations for Your Walls

A home is just a place until you make it personal. Wooden decorations are always a good idea: both practical and esthetical, they create the atmosphere where you want to return. Inspiring you to work and to relax, these wooden decorations can both organize your space and let you organize your life.

Wooden Maps

A map on the wall has always been a hint that this is rather a cabinet than a room. What do you need to plan? Trips? Concert tours? Defensive operations, branch development, or bank robberies? Whatever business you lead, it’s serious. A wooden map can be seen as very modern or moderately conservative — it depends on your point of view. But it’s easy to leave marks on, it’s hard to tear or stain, and it always adds freshness to your room style.

A great collection of the USA maps can be found at https://enjoythewood.com/collections/usa-maps, available in various wood sorts and colors, where each state is distinct from the neighboring ones. Some are even made in 3D, so state borders are palpable. There are also world maps and those of other countries and cities, so choose what you want.

Wooden Clocks

As we all have watches in our smartphones, laptops, and often on our wrists, wall clocks are now less of a functional item and more of a decoration. So why not have a wooden one? Some of them just hide the mechanism in a small block behind the wooden face, so it looks completely made of wood. At least, its face and hands do.

Wooden clocks come in various shapes and sizes, with some of them looking especially fantastic. For example, when the hands stretch beyond the face, it’s very unusual and creative. They may lack numbers on the face, so let’s hope you have learned to read clocks before they all  went digital.

Unusual Shelves

An old wooden shelf is seen as something rectangular and heavy, protected from all the sides, and often with a glass front. But the modern interpretation of these utilitarian items is quite different. Why make it heavier while they can be lightweight? A modern shelf has no back, using the wall instead. It can be made of any wood, in any shape, exquisite as you want it, and used for whatever you want.

Thank you, Amazon, for Kindle. Now book freaks don’t have to collect literary tons of paper books (unless they love it), and shelves are not designed for bulky volumes, but for whatever you put there:

  • flowers;
  • gadgets;
  • dishes;
  • souvenirs;
  • smart home devices and control centers.

Even when empty, these shelves look like artwork. But you know, there is never too much space on shelves, there is always something to put there.

A Letter Board

Letter boards are a great way to display some message to everyone in the room. A wooden letter board takes little space on the wall and is easy to handle. It does not collect dust (okay, almost doesn’t) and fits well into any environment. It can be used for congratulations, reminders, motivating messages, and whatever. In a family, there is always something to be delivered to everyone.

It’s not as functional as an office board if you need to write something for everyone to see. But it can be decorated in a more beautiful way, and it’s harder to erase or smash. You can also attach a letter box somewhere near, so you won’t have to go far to change the message. While choosing your letter board, make sure it will be readable on the wall.

A Gallery

If you want to decorate a corner of your room like a gallery, with paintings and photographs, old magazines and signs, plus various small items, it screams for wood. A set of planks will provide enough space to attach anything you want. Add some small hooks to hang items on, use some pins for attaching papers and photos. You can place it in the corner or in the middle of the wall. Both beautiful and practical, this gallery will also show off your taste in things and ideas.

What Wood You Choose?

It’s your life, and it’s up to you to choose what to surround yourself with. But whatever you choose, wood is quite a versatile material with versatile style. No matter if you live a high-tech life or pretend to be a romantic novel character, wooden decorations always fit. You just need to choose the right ones that resonate with your soul.