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How To Install Garage Lighting

Are you sick of stumbling around in a dark garage, trying to find the right equipment? In most garages, there is a single bulb to illuminate the space. For such a large room, this won’t be able to provide enough light. This can make it harder for you to use the area. It can also pose a potential safety risk, as you won’t be able to see properly. Thankfully, you can solve this problem by introducing some garage lighting. Let’s look at some of the best ways you can do this.

Decide How Much Light You Want

For this reason, you should get an electrician to handle this for you. By hiring a professional, you’ll get the assurance that everything has been done properly.

The first thing you need to decide is the amount of light that you want. This will often depend on how you intend to use the space. For example, if you want to store the car in the garage, you might not need a lot of light, as you won’t be spending much time in the area.

But if you’re using it for a workshop or a storage space, you’ll often want a lot of light, so you can see clearly. You can find use this to find the right kind of lighting set-up.

Find The Electrical Outlets

You should also consider where the electrical outlets are. If you are lucky, you will be able to find an outlet on the ceiling. This will make it easier to set-up the lights. If you have the outlet on the wall, it could be a little more difficult to install the lights. In some cases, you might want to consider using an extension cord. For a more permanent solution, you can create a new ceiling outlet. Working with wiring is potentially very dangerous, even if you turn the power off. For this reason, you should get an electrician to handle this for you. By hiring a professional electrician from Strathmore, you’ll get the assurance that everything has been done properly.

Decide Where You Want To Put The Lights

The next step is to find the right layout of the lights. This will often depend on the type of environment that you want to create. Some areas might need more light than others. Make sure that you consider this aspect when you’re deciding where each light should go. When deciding this, make sure to consider the door. If you hang them too close to the door, they could get knocked every time that you enter the garage. Once you’ve found the right layout, you can consider the way that you want to hang the lights.

Assemble And Install The Lights

Once you know the type of set-up that you want to use, you will need to assemble and install the lights. Most garage lights will come with detailed instructions on how you can put them in properly. If they aren’t clear, you should turn to online sources. In most cases, you’ll be able to find a video that will guide you through each step. Once the lights have been assembled properly, you’ll need to make sure that they are attached securely to the ceiling.

In some cases, the lights might come with a means of attaching them to the ceiling. For heavier lights, you should make sure that they are attached to the stud, so they won’t fall off. This can mean hammering the nails into the joist. You should also make sure that you’re screwing the hooks into the stud. Even if they’re just for holding the cord, they should still be secure. If not, they can fall out of the ceiling. In some cases, you might need to pre-drill the holes, to make sure that everything has been attached securely.

You should also remember that the lights will need to be turned off when you put the bulb in. In some cases, the sudden flash of bright light in your eyes can be blinding, creating a potential safety risk. Also, the sudden electricity might blow the bulb.

Test The Lights

Once you’ve finished installing the lights, you’ll need to test them. This should be as easy as flicking a switch or pulling a cord. This will let you see how well the garage is lit. In some cases, you might need to make a few minor adjustments, to make sure that everything is in the right position. If the light doesn’t work, make sure that it’s been plugged in, turned on, and everything’s been connected properly.


This procedure should work with all types of lights. This will let you investigate the market and find the best one for your needs. But with so many potential options it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused. To make things clearer, we put together this simple garage lighting review. So, install garage lighting today and bring more light into this area. If you have any questions that you have not found the answer to in this article, then we recommend that you go to this forum. You will be able to ask questions and communicate with specialists.