4 Tips for Preparing for Winter

Wintertime seems to come out of left field each year. Every fall the cool air sets in and we begin to bundle up and enjoy the seasonal treats that come along with Halloween and Thanksgiving, but the true cold is always a change we are underprepared for. This winter, make sure you prepare well in advance so that you and your family can take full advantage of the seasonal spirit in style.

1. Check your windows and roof for leaks or weaknesses.


The first port of call for a homeowner looking to shore up their home’s durability through the long, cold winter should be the roof and windows. Debris left on the home’s top or leaks in the windows can spell disaster for a house and those people and belongings inside it. Hiring a contractor to replace blown windows or a sagging roof is an essential job, so having these checked before the weather turns bleak is a great way to shore up any structural issues your home has before they come to ahead.

Similarly, aging external features on a home can lead to huge energy costs leaving you with bills that are hundreds more than you should be paying on your electricity each month. An old window radiates the heat from your home out into the cool winter air, heating up the space surrounding your house as well as the climate that you hope to keep at a toasty equilibrium inside. Instead of paying to warm the front yard, make sure you replace old windows before this expensive stretch of the year rolls around once more.

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2. Prepare your garage for the elements


Moving inside the home, your garage is the next place to focus. Homeowners often like to keep their cars inside the garage during the colder months so that they can start the car without having to brave the snow or chill morning air in order to get on the road to work every day. But in order to move your car indoors, you need to clear out enough space in this often underused feature.

Similarly, clearing away debris from the garage floor and introducing garage floor mats for snow and spills are great ways to make sure the fluids and roadway debris (like road salt or icy water picked up from puddles) clinging to the undercarriage of your car don’t damage the floor of your garage or track into the home and make a mess of your carpets or kitchen tile. A garage floor mat is a simple and effective solution and is a must-have during the messier winter months.

3. Organize your wardrobe in advance


Buying a few new petite sweaters before the weather turns is a great way to get the best price for a limited time. Organizing your wardrobe before the downturn in temperature will help you prepare for the cold in style. Winter clothing is often people’s favorite to wear but their prices tend to skyrocket as the temperature drops. Going on one big shop in September or October will give you access to discounted prices on some of the season’s best styles.

4. Bundle up with seasonal amenities and treats


Winter is the perfect time for hot chocolate and campfires. The combination of warm amenities and the chill outdoor air is a magical mixture that is great for creating memories with the ones you love the most. Taking advantage of this atmosphere takes some preplanning though. Set up a fire pit in a safe place in your yard and invest in some comfortable blankets, chairs, and even outdoor heaters to take full advantage of the season’s wonderfully crisp air.

Preparing for winter can be a fun and exciting time, make sure you take advantage of all that the season has to offer.