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How to Live in Style: 3 Design Tips to Turn Your House Into a Dream Home

Do you love style and design of all kinds? From fashion to architecture, you love aesthetics and basking in all things beautiful. You take great care in putting together outfits every day and love to flip through back issues of VOGUE for inspiration on how to add style to your daily routine. Do you ever wish your home could be as stylish as your wardrobe? Well, it can be! 

You want your home to provide you with just as much joy as your fashionable clothes do. Check out these three tips to apply to your home’s décor to turn it into the house of your dreams.

1. A Statement Lamp

Whether it’s a mid-century modern teak table-lamp or an oversized contemporary floor model that hangs over the living room, a statement lamp is an excellent way to bring some unique style to any room in the house. While they bring a touch of elegance or quirkiness (depending on your personal preference) to your home, lamps also provide light. Hot tip: adding several lights to a smaller room in the house can make it appear larger and livelier. If your bedroom is on the tiny side, bring in lights of all styles to open up the space! 

When you find the right lamp for your lifestyle, it will become your design project’s focal point. For example, is it a metal, modern arc lamp you want to emphasize? Perhaps you’ll want to add other contemporary pieces to complement it, or bring more colour into the room — such as a bold, colourful rug — to let it stand out.

2. A Bay Window

Bay windows are such a versatile style of a window because they’re the perfect fit for a brand new or vintage-inspired home. The window style enhances old and more modern home styles because of its elegance and convenience. Originating back to renaissance England, the bay window was traditionally placed at the end of a great hall, where the lord of the manner would sit. Its purpose was to provide an abundance of light and to symbolize the lord’s power by literally giving this person a separate, self-contained area to sit within the hall.

Of course, bay windows are no longer blatant symbols of wealth and power, yet they do emit good taste! Find the right window company that offers high-quality vinyl windows, because vinyl will last you a long time and is virtually maintenance-free. With a bay window, you can turn that blank, empty wall in your dining room into a cozy reading nook or a place to set up your computer. It gives you endless options for the inside, and adding a bay window will also beautify your home’s exterior.

3. Research

One of the best ways to discover your preferred home decoration style is to research. For example, go through the catalogues of online interior design magazines or watch movies noted for style and design. You never know where you’ll find inspiration. When you do, run with it!

By adding a bright statement piece, a new window, and conducting a little research, you’ll never want to leave your home again.