Reasons to change the strap of your Breitling watch

Breitling had already been born sixty years earlier, specifically in 1884 in a small Swiss town. Its great commercial success occurred in 1936, when Breitling became the Official Watch supplier of the Royal Air Force, thanks to its advanced chronograph models, essential for piloted flights.

Léon Breitling was a right-handed watchmaker who, in his workshop in Saint-Imier, built both watches and ingenious measuring instruments. In a short time, the innovative mechanisms he developed for his pocket watches earned his company great prestige. Many of the product spheres manufactured by Gaston Breitling, son of the founder, appeared unsigned; they included either the customer’s name or registered logos such as Montbrillant, Sprint, or Vitesse. It had to wait until the late 1920s for the watches to show the name of the manufacturer.

The turning point in Breitling’s history comes with the Navitimer model (1952), which was the only watch of the moment that was able to perform all the calculations necessary for air navigation, so the demand for this model soared.

Continuing with its enormous capacity for innovation in everything related to aerial calculations, the Breitling brand achieved, in the year 1962, that its cosmonaut chronograph watch travels to space, on the wrist of astronaut Scott Carpenter. He was onboard the capsule Aurora 7, which was foreseeable and gave the brand great prestige.

The brand’s prestige was to join Tag Heuer, another luxury watch brand of outstanding international reputation, in the research and subsequent creation and marketing of the self-winding chronograph mechanism, which became the basis of the models that were marketed in the market under the name of both brands.

However, Breitling watches’ technical excellence is not at odds with either the attractive design or the customer’s comfort. Breitling has understood entirely that the watch has become a functional ornament, but ornament after all, and as such, the aesthetics of it must be attractive and well taken care of.

So his latest models are moving towards this idea. Maintaining technical excellence, they have gradually added beauty and elegance to their aesthetics. From this combination were born their latest models as the Emergency, which also has an emergency transmitter.

His latest contribution to the watch industry has been the SuperQuartz, which is up to ten times more accurate than traditional quartz.

To highlight the sublime appearance of your watch and give it a twist of new and bold dare to replace the original strap with a rubber strap for a Breitling watch. Currently, you’ll find several vendors with products of quality, besides, to hold your watch safely, have excellent breathability and a pleasant feeling against your skin. If you take your watch to the water, the rubber strap for a Breitling watch will dry out quickly, and their cleaning is effortless.

This type of material is affordable, safe, durable, fashionable, and you can find an innumerable number of colors and designs that will surely make your watch face and its incomparable design stand out even more.