How to Stay Fashionable in Hospitality Uniforms

We live in the era of the image, and the hospitality sector has evolved in this issue as one of the essential parts of a business. That’s because everything the customer perceives alongside with their gastronomic experience affects the impression of your work as a whole. The decoration, dishes, bathrooms, and small details are important for the reputation of a hospitality business. Staff uniforms are also included in this pack of essential elements for a company to succeed.

Here, we do our best for restaurants, bars, or cafes, to get a good review. We don’t want to miss any detail, so, in this article, we will give you some clues about the latest trends from the perspective of professional hospitality uniforms.

Customization can distinguish you

In a sector with so much competition that advances thanks to super-informed customers, being up to date is necessary for achieving your own brand image. Through the locker room, you can differentiate your team from the workers of other companies. Even if you’re working for a cheap assignment writing service, it is not enough to embroider the business logo. You have to take advantage of the style of your company by considering various important details. For example, customize the garments, looking for originality that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Girls and boys, similar but different

Traditionally, men’s and women’s uniforms have not had many differences, which has now changed. Not only for the comfort of having appropriate clothes for each body but for small details such as collars (softer in girls) or lapels, and narrower pants in boys. The idea is to maintain a similar style line but giving it a masculine or feminine touch, without falling into vulgarities and always with the approval of your team, who are the ones who wear it.

Denim, surely, hits

Denim fashion came to the hospitality industry to stay, with a collection of all kinds of garments that can dress staff from head to toe. Shirts, pants, or jackets adapted for work in the room, made with cotton materials and ensuring optimum comfort. These colors give workers a casual look. It is ideal for locals with a modern image and a young team that will feel more in line with that wardrobe.

The guest star, the Apron

The classic apron for cooking has become a revolution in the hotel locker room, as it has gained prominence beyond the kitchen and living room. It is easy to put on and take off, unisex, comfortable, practical, and customizable, becoming good advertising support. The styles that are most worn are retro, industrial, vintage, or artisan, made with leather or denim materials, being able to be short, to have more mobility, or bib, more aimed at working in a bar.

Ecological fabrics

The awareness of caring for the environment also reaches the tissues with which we work in hospitality, so we can find many sustainable options that respect our environment. Cotton is already organic and recycled, as is polyester, which is acquired through PET plastic bottles. In many countries, people prefer this concept, so it is not difficult to find costumes of responsible origin and, in addition to having a wardrobe to the last, collaborate with the planet.

Don’t forget the details

When you buy uniforms for your team, you will see many different models, fabrics, colors, and styles. In addition to dressing your workers to the last and feeling comfortable, you should look at small details, such as the pockets they have. It’s no use having your waiters dressed in fashion if they can’t store and take out their electronic commanders comfortably and safely. Are you still with paper and a pen? It is time to step forward and modernize your business.

Take care of the footwear

If you are one of those who control all the details and equip your employees with a complete uniform, you will include footwear. You must be aware of the hours spent standing and the movement involved in their work. It will be enough to provide them with lightweight, comfortable, and non-slip shoe. Choose a neutral color without great stridency, that accompanies the uniform without attracting much attention.

Things that differentiate you

Giving an original touch to your business always adds up. Depending on the style of your place, you can improve the look of your employees with a detail that can change depending on the season or make it fixed in your wardrobe. Custom bow ties, vests, suspenders, caps, badges, or any item that brings something different and surprises customers.

Comfort and resistance

It is clear that the comfort of part time hospitality jobs worker must be maximum, although it must be complemented with a stylish wardrobe that follows current trends and brings a good image to the businessb. The new fabrics and composites allow this functionality in the garments of the employees and also makes them resistant since textile materials such as Teflon are stain-repellent and easy to wash.

We hope we have helped you to get to know the latest trends in hospitality fashion better and to pay close attention to the clothing of your staff. Don’t forget that the image counts!