Looking Great While Relaxing: Casual Style Tips for Men

Casual dressing seems quite simple on the surface, but it can often be difficult to master, especially for men. It’s challenging to find the right balance between feeling comfortable and relaxed in your clothing and actually looking stylish. After all, the wrong casual outfit can quickly make you look too messy and ungroomed. To prevent this from happening and ensure you look great while relaxing, here are some casual style tips every man should follow:

Prioritize the fit

Even though the fit is often prioritized with formal clothing, it’s just as important in terms of casual outfits. Clothes that fit you perfectly make you look more put-together and refined, which is why it should always be your first consideration. Of course, the right fit will depend on your body type and the exact look you’re going for. In general, aiming for clothing that is neither too tight nor too loose while still accentuating your best features is a good solution.

Keep it simple

Trends come and go, but simplicity never goes out of style. Instead of going for bold colors, large logos, and loud statement pieces, opt for plain and neutral items that pair well together. Dark-wash jeans, striped T-shirts, gray sweatsuits, and black leather jackets are just some of the many classic and timeless pieces you can build your wardrobe with. Regardless of your choice, minimal and pared-back clothes will always look cool and allow you to effortlessly nail the casual everyday style.

Stick to the basics

To make the process of building daily outfits easier, you could take simplicity even further and aim to build a capsule wardrobe. This will represent a smaller collection of basic pieces in neutral colors that can be mixed and matched to create different looks. The items mentioned above fit into this category, but you also have the option of injecting a bit of personality into your basics. For instance, for your timeless style you can choose neutral terry cloth shirts for men. This is an easy way to build a fashionable outfit while still remaining comfortable.

Find a uniform

While some might find the idea of ‘uniforms’ restricting, others enjoy the simplification of daily dressing it provides. It can save plenty of effort and time in the morning, and help you build a personal style more easily. Keep in mind that a uniform can be anything from selecting a color palette and sticking to monochromatic outfits to a rotation of similar pieces such as navy chinos and white sneakers. Choose items that suit your preferences and lifestyle the most, and a uniform can work for you as well.

Consider the details

Although often overlooked, details can truly make or break an outfit. Take the typical jeans and T-shirt combination as an example. This outfit can be worn in various ways, whether you decide to half-tuck or fully tuck in your shirt, roll your sleeves or jeans, put on a leather belt, or simply experiment with different cuts and fits. These variations and tweaks might be subtle, but they make a huge difference in turning a plain look into an interesting one.

Know how to dress up

Feeling comfortable doesn’t only have to be reserved for the most casual of days – you can make your relaxed outfits work for more than one occasion. When going out with friends and family, consider exchanging a classic T-shirt for an Oxford shirt to look more appropriate. For business casual settings, dark-wash jeans and neutral chinos can easily be elevated with a classic blazer or tailored coat for a sleek and refined look. These are simple steps you can take to dress up any outfit to suit numerous occasions.

Combining comfort and style is easier than you might think. Stick to the advice above and find the outfits and uniforms that suit you the most if you want to look great while relaxing.