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Visit Your Dentist For These Troublesome Reasons

You probably already know that you should see your dentist twice a year for regular checkups, but there’s more to proper dental health than those two appointments. Regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing will extend the lifetime and health of your smile.

However, issues can occur in the cleanest of mouths. Even if you take good care of your teeth, problems can arise. Learn a bit more about when to pull the trigger and make a phone call to set up a dentist appointment.

Tooth pain and inflammation

If you have a particularly painful tooth in your mouth, it could become more than an annoyance if left unchecked. Inflammation coupled with pain is a tell-tale sign that it’s time to find a dentist in your local area.

Infection in your tooth or gums is typically the reason for dental inflammation. Infection in your mouth left unchecked could cause other issues throughout your body.

Bleeding from your gums

If you find that you have an excessive amount of bleeding from your gums when you brush your teeth, it could be time to see a dentist. Bleeding gums could be a symptom of something bigger going on with your mouth. Have a dentist check your gums for gingivitis.

Teeth that are crooked

Not everyone is blessed with a perfectly straight smile naturally. Sometimes your teeth need a little help to fall into line, and you’ll need a dentist to correct crooked teeth. There may be a need to pull a tooth or two, and you don’t want to try and tackle that job on your own.

Suffering from chronic bad breath

If you find that you simply can’t shake your bad breath, there may be something more going on inside your mouth. Chronic stinky breath could be a sign that you’re living with a condition called halitosis.

Halitosis can be a sign of something more going on in your body. Liver or kidney problems and diabetes have been linked to halitosis, so don’t sit around on this issue.

Broken or chipped tooth

If you like to get rowdy with your friends or you play sports, you may run into the issue of chipping one of your teeth along the way. A chipped tooth could turn into something worse if it is not properly tended.

Make an appointment with your dentist if you break a tooth, and do what you can to save the future of that particular piece of your smile.

Pregnancy requires special attention

When a woman is with child, the child has a direct link to her nutrients. Pregnancy is particularly tough on teeth, as a baby can deplete the mother’s stock of calcium. Your teeth could become brittle and decay during pregnancy without taking proper medical precautions.