Naming Your Pet: Best Names for Orange Cats

When it comes to naming your orange cat, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The first is that orange is such a vibrant and eye-catching color that you’ll want to choose a name that reflects that. 

Secondly, orange cats are known for being friendly and playful, so you’ll want a name that suits those characteristics. Thirdly, orange cats tend to be a bit mischievous, so you should probably steer clear of picking names like ‘angel’ or ‘sweetie pie’.

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These are all good things to keep in mind while browsing this selection of great orange cat names.

How to find a great orange cat name?

If you’re looking for a good/cool name, try to find something that fits their personality. For example, if your cat is playful and loves to run around, you might want to name them “Bolt” or “Atom”. If they’re more of a lazy cat who just likes to lounge around, you might want to call them “Chester” or “Lazy”. 

You could also name them after a character from a movie or book that you like. For example, if you are obsessed with the movie “The Lion King”, you could name them “Simba” or “Nala”. If you love books, you might want to name them after a character in one of your favorite books. 

“Thumper” is a good name for cats who love to give kisses, “Rumpelstiltskin” is great if your cat jumps when you surprise them. If your cat just loves food, then definitely call them “Fatty”. For male cats that are really friendly with their owners, you could call them “Prince Charming”, or if they’re more of a troublemaker, “Cruella DeVille”.

For black cats, it’s nice to give them names that match their color. Some good names for black kittens are “Spooky”, “Shadow”, and even the simple friends, then you could name them both after characters from “Onyx”. 

The same goes for orange cats.

Best orange cat names ever

Here are a few of the best orange cat names around:

  • Ginger: This name might seem like a common choice, but it’s super cute and perfect for orange cats.
  • Ginger Spice: If your cat loves to be the center of attention, this is a great name. Cinnamon: It’s cute, simple, and it has a little spice to it! Pumpkin: A classic, cute name that will suit any orange kitty. 
  • Tiger-Lily/Tigerlily: If you have an orange cat with stripes that are more visible during certain times of the day (because their fur gets lighter when exposed to sunlight), then this would be an appropriate name because tiger lilies are orange too.
  • Tigger: Another classic name that almost everyone knows about.
  • Hobbes: Good for orange cats who love to play and run around the house. 
  • Rabbit Paws: If your cat’s paws are a bit bigger than normal, and they like to jump and bounce off of things (couches, chairs, etc.) then this would be a good choice.
  • Peaches: There’s something about this name that just sounds perfect for an orange cat! Peach Pie: For those kittens who love to eat as much as possible.
  • Fireball/Sunshine/Blaze/Firecracker: These names might seem cute at first glance, but if you really about it, they’re actually perfect for orange cats! That’s because the sun is what gives us oranges and yellows. And since fire burns bright like an orange, they make great names for kitties with fiery personalities.
  • Cinders: Perfect if your cat has a black face with orange on the rest of their bodies. Ember/Gabrielle: If you have a little girl kitten, then these are both strong choices that will suit them well.
  • Carrot Top/Carrots/Gingerbread Man: All perfect if your cat happens to be ginger! And it helps that all of these names are food-related as well.
  • Jaffa: A cute, unique name that’s perfect for your orange cat.
  • Marigold: A sweet name that will perfectly suit a friendly and loving orange feline.
  • Aurora: Meaning “sunrise” in Latin, this is a beautiful name for a kitty who loves the morning sun.

And lastly, …

  • Donald/Daffy/Daisy: All perfect names for an orange male cat.

There are so many names to choose from when it comes to naming your orange cat, but hopefully this list will help you get started! Remember to pick a name that suits their personality and character, and you can’t go wrong. Happy naming!