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Manscaping: Tips for Using Hair Removal Creams for Men

If you are looking for an alternative to removing your body hair, you must have been dealing with bad razor bumps and ingrown hair in the past. 

The good news is men are no longer subjected to scrutiny when it comes to body hair grooming. From the best brands on the market, there is a wide range of hair removal cream products that cater to men who want to get rid of unwanted body hair.

Say goodbye to the eye-watering pain of waxing and the hassle of shaving, not to mention its after-effects (hello razor bumps and ingrown!)

What Men Should Look For in Hair Removal Creams

Both shaving and depilatory creams are pain-free. But, unlike shaving, depilatory creams are not skin-irritant unless you leave them on for too long. However, the irritations you get from leaving the cream on for too long may fade faster compared to razor cuts, burns, and bumps.

These depilatory creams contain chemicals, with thioglycolic acid as its active ingredient. This chemical, along with other ingredients, works by dissolving the hair’s protein structure called keratin. This process allows your skin to be temporarily hairless.

Here’s what you should look for in hair removal creams for men:

Sensitive Formula

You might think that going nuclear on your chubes, and down under by using “extra strength” hair removal creams will give better results, but too strong products may have some side effects. You could be running a full-throttle engine on your skin as a side effect. 

Instead, opt for a depilatory cream with “sensitive skin” on its label. It’s more diluted but still works its magic, although it may take a few more minutes to take effect, which leads us to the application time.

Application time

Listen up, men, because this is actually where using hair removal creams goes sideways. It’s crucial to read and follow the instructions on the product label when using hair removal cream. 

For most depilatory creams, you will need to leave them on for a specified time in order for them to work effectively. You may remove the cream by rinsing it off with water once the specified time has elapsed. 

Most creams with harsher and more aggressive chemicals can get the task done in 5 minutes. In the case where skin easily gets irritated, you need to look for creams that take up to 8 minutes. This means it’s working more gently on your skin.


If you think hydrating and moisturizing agents are only present in facial moisturizers, you may want to think again. Some hair removal cream products for men offer your skin a little boost while serving their purpose, thanks to their aloe vera and shea butter contents. This helps relieve your skin from skin irritation

How to Use Hair Removal Creams Safely

While these creams can safely remove unwanted body hair, such as chest hair and pubic hair, it’s not generally intended for use on the head, face, and eyebrows. Here’s how you can safely use them:

Patch Test

Like any cosmetic product, it’s important to do patch tests every time you use new products on your skin. The same manner should also be applied to hair removal creams. Remember, you could be applying them to your balls! 

To test the product, apply it on a small area of your skin and see if it reacts badly.

Ensure It’s the Right Formula

Some hair removal creams are formulated with stronger chemicals and may be too aggressive for your sensitive skin, especially if you are using them on your groin area. Never use the cream on damaged or wounded skin.

Follow the Application Time

Hair removal creams should never be left on the skin longer than 10 minutes. Always read the directions indicated on the label.


Once the specified time has passed, wipe and rinse off with cold water. The cold water helps relieve the burning sensation in the skin, but the feeling usually fades in a few hours at most.

The Aftercare

You may want to apply a soothing cream on the newly hair-free skin afterward to help relieve skin irritation. More importantly, opt for a fragrance-free cream.

Potential Downside to Hair Removal Creams

These creams are formulated with chemicals that remove unwanted hair, so a chemical burn on your skin can be a possibility if you leave the cream on your skin for too long.

Also, these creams come with an unusual smell, like rotten eggs, as the chemicals in the cream react with your hair.

The Takeaway

The common methods of removing unwanted body hair are often unpleasant. Waxing hair can be extremely painful for most people, and shaving may leave you with cuts that can lead to soreness, irritation, and keloid scars.

Luckily, there are cream products that can provide painless hair removal. When using hair removal creams, don’t forget to follow the applicable time indicated on the label. You don’t want to be walking around with red patches on your skin!