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The ABC’s of Beautiful and Healthy Hair

With the weather constantly changing, the air being full of harmful substances, and there being no way to escape the stresses of everyday life – all things that are incredibly harmful to your hair – what could you possibly do to ensure and protect hair health? Well, the good news is that there are ways, and you’ve taken the first step towards knowing them just by clicking on this article. 

To keep your hair healthy throughout the seasons, you need a combination of scalp health, the right diet, adequate sleep, and the right hair care practices. But before we get into all that, what’s the ABC of hair care? The most basic stuff? Let’s find out. 

The ABCs 

Before we discuss the steps you need to take to ensure hair health from the outside, let’s take a look at the ABCs of truly string hair from within. 

Vitamin A 

Vitamin A is the main vitamin that’s going to keep your scalp moisturized and prevent it from getting dry. This is because it aids in the production of scalp oils that are responsible for keeping your hair shiny and moisturized. 

Without enough Vitamin A in your diet, your hair would become dry and dull. 

Vitamin B 

The Vitamin B found in things like eggs and milk promotes blood flow to the scalp, making it easier for your hair to grow healthier and longer. 

Vitamin C 

You’ve probably heard about how your hair is made up of collagen. This collagen is made in your body with the help of Vitamin C. Without this essential protein, your hair will be unable to be strong and healthy. 

Haircare Practices to Follow 

  • Using Hair Oil: Natural hair oils are the best thing to keep your hair nourished and hydrated. This is why they’ve been a part of traditional haircare practices in many different cultures, and Argan Wholesale has various argan oil products that can help you sort out a lot of your hair care struggles. 
  • Deep Conditioning: Every week or two, deep condition your hair with the right products. This will rebuild its structure and protect your hair from damage throughout the week – deep conditioning is especially important for curly or textured hair. 
  • Sleeping Well: Not sleeping enough wreaks havoc on your body, and is especially damaging to your skin and hair health. While you sleep, your body gets the chance to repair and rebuild all the damage it was dealt throughout the day. It is also the time when your body and your hair grow. 
  • Don’t Wash Hair Too Often: Washing your hair too often with the wrong kind of chemicals can make your hair dry and dull. Avoid using too much shampoo in your hair when you do wash it, and try to use more dry shampoo. Sulfate-free shampoos are always healthier for your hair, and sticking with all-natural products is ideal. The results with them are slow but long-lasting.