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Men’s Fashion Trends For Summer 2020

We live in a changing world, and fashion changes faster than almost anything else. It’s getting warmer outdoors, the days are getting longer, and the time has come to pack away your cold-weather clothes for another year and start thinking about your summer look. If you’re fashion-conscious, opening up last year’s summer wardrobe won’t be much good to you. There’s a whole new set of trends to jump aboard, and if you want to stay on point, you’re going to have to make some fresh purchases.

Every designer and department store in your home town or city will have its own ideas about what’s hot and what’s not this summer, but we’ve been keeping our eyes on the catwalks and the high-end fashion magazines for the past few months, and we know what’s in and what’s isn’t for summer 2020. Having assessed all the possible trends, here are five fashion ‘must-haves’ for the summer ahead of you. Get them before they sell out!


Yes, we’re being serious. We know that someone somewhere will claim that flares are back in fashion every year without fail, but this time it’s actually happening. Flares aren’t just back in the stores; they’re back everywhere in a big way. While you might be tempted to get in touch with your father (or grandfather) and find out if they have anything in their wardrobe from the 1970s that you could take as a hand-me-down, that would be a mistake. These aren’t your grandparents’ flares. These are flares for the modern-age man.

The flares of the past usually featured quite a wide upper leg, and an even wider lower leg and ankle. The flares of the 2020s take that same idea to an extreme with skinny upper legs, and save the flares for your ankles. They’ll make your legs appear both longer and thinner
– both of which are a fashion victory. For best effect, consider pairing them with an over-sized sweater or hoodie for a flowing silhouette.

Big Blazers

This is another fashion trend of yesteryear that’s making a long-overdue comeback. Everything was bigger during the 1980s, from computers to telephones to trousers – and, of course, blazers. That retro ‘my blazer is too big for me’ look has returned to the cutting edge of style – only this time, it comes without the shoulder pads.

As a rule of thumb, designers aren’t deliberately making over-sized blazers. That means you have to come up with your own by buying one that’s several sizes too large for you. Try to get a good fit on the arms, but to pull the look off your blazer ought to finish just above your knees. You’re going for the baggy effect, but you could always choose to make it look a little more formal with a pinstripe or a similar business pattern.

Casual Pastel Suits

Here’s another 1980s idea, and one that Miami Vice would have been proud of. If you’re heading out for a big night out – let’s say a fancy restaurant or a casino – a business suit or a tuxedo is no longer the way to go. Casinos don’t work like that anymore. They’re in competition with online slots websites these days. You wouldn’t need to put on a tuxedo if you were logging in to an online slots website, and nor do you need to wear one to go to a real casino. As a bonus, the more relaxed and casual suits on the market are soft and comfortable enough to play Burning wins mobile slot in from home without feeling ridiculous.

In terms of color, we’re a big fan of the idea that the brightest suits are the best ones. Go with a shade of pink if you’re feeling really confident, but pale blues and greens work just as well. Remember that a casual suit should never be worn with a shirt – it defeats the whole point. Pair up a matching blazer and pair of trousers with a comfortable t-shirt, and you’ll do just fine.

High Waisted Trousers

We’re only a few short years removed from a time where everyone laughed at ‘America’s Got Talent’ and ‘The X-Factor’ music mogul Simon Cowell for his high-waisted trousers. Now, fashion has come around to the idea, and as is seemingly the case with every aspect of his life, Cowell has had the last laugh. High waistbands are in, and somehow they look great in a way that just didn’t seem possible four or five years ago.

Despite what everyone seems to think, Cowell didn’t invent the look. He probably took his fashion cues from the 1940s, when high waisted trousers were very much in vogue. Perhaps Cowell’s biggest mistake was choosing black as his default shade. Go with a lighter color instead, and consider pairing them with a vest or a striped t-shirt. The effect only works if you tuck your top layer into the trousers though – otherwise, nobody can see them, and you’re wasting (or should that be ‘waisting?’) your time.

Across-The-Body Bags

Men have a lot more stuff to carry around than they used to. The days when you could leave the house with only your keys and your wallet are long gone. You’ll at least have a phone to consider as well, and perhaps a tablet, and some other ‘essential’ day to day objects. You need somewhere to store those items, and pockets ruin the line of your clothing. That’s where a good bag comes in – and this year, it’s all about the across-the-body bag.

To all intents and purposes, and the across-the-body bag is the same as a fanny pack, but it doesn’t look so ungainly because it isn’t drooping around your waist. Instead, it’s worn across your torso like a gun or ammo belt might be. It’s a hands-free method of carrying things about that also happens to be cool. Hit Google and look up a few pictures, and you’ll quickly see what we mean.

Before we go, a word about sunglasses. Mirrored sunglasses are out. Shield sunglasses are in. If you’re going outside into the sun, do so with oversized shield glasses that look like they’ve come straight off the set of a futuristic science-fiction movie. They’ll set your look off nicely – so go and get the rest of it!