The Best Destinations For Guys’ Trips Around the World

If you’re thinking about getting your buddies together and doing something special, there is no better way to make new memories and share exciting experiences than with a trip to one of these destinations. Whether you’re interested in traveling to big cities with famous attractions, or you’d rather get your adrenaline pumping with hiking, trekking, and adventure activities, the options for you and your group are endless. Discover the best destinations for guys’ trips around the world — courtesy of Indus Travels — and gain inspiration for your next vacation!


If you and your group are looking to explore big cities, you might want to make Germany your next travel destination. Between famous landmarks, historic museums, beautiful cities, and an exhilarating nightlife scene, this is the perfect place to travel to with your buddies for nightlife adventures that are just as good as your day-to-day experiences. Between September through March, you can grab a tall glass of beer and see the celebrations at Oktoberfest — one of the most fascinating festivals in the world!

The American West Coast

Let’s say your group is undecided — half of you want to travel to big cities and the others want to go hiking through forests or trekking through national parks. In that case, a trip to the American West Coast might be your best bet — and it’s close to home! Walk by the flashing neon lights of Las Vegas or try your hand at gambling in one of the many casinos in the city. Explore the South Rim Area in the Grand Canyon, go hiking through Yosemite National Park, and make your way through the districts of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

West coast offers more than beaches and cities of culture. Few hours from these major centers are national parks and beautiful views. Fancied Yosemite by any chance? There’s another treasure up north. You can definitely count on fun Lake Tahoe activities to add to your itinerary.

Costa Rica

Speaking of adventures, a trip to Costa Rica is a great option for a vacation that is fun, affordable, and full of them. With the freedom and flexibility of a self-drive, you can go zip lining through the rainforests, white water rafting in gushing rivers, or trekking along active volcanoes in the countryside. You can also go snorkeling in Manuel Antonio or Tamarindo or search for exotic species of wildlife as you climb up the Arenal Volcano… You and your buddies will never want to leave!

South Africa

If your group is ready to travel far and wide, a trip to South Africa would make for the ultimate vacation. Between the famous mountains and beautiful beaches of Cape Town, the historic sites and fascinating museums of Johannesburg, and the famous animals of Kruger National Park, there is plenty to see and do in the Rainbow Nation. Learn about the history and culture of South Africa while you visit beautiful places and search for some of the most powerful predators on the planet — the African Big Five.


There are plenty of reasons why Thailand is the best destination for backpackers. Not only is the country safe to explore, but it is also incredibly beautiful. Between tropical jungles, fascinating national parks, and some of the best beaches in Southeast Asia, there is no better place to go on a nature-filled vacation that is also affordable. Floating markets, delicious dishes, and exotic temples will make this destination even more fascinating, along with outdoor markets and gold-plated Buddhas.

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