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Porter Cable Jigsaws: which One Should You Go For?

A jigsaw is a must have tool whether you are at home or in your shop. The tool comes as a fine woodworking tool that plays the roles of a hacksaw, woodcutter and concrete saw. With a jigsaw, you can be able to complete tasks that could have otherwise not been possible by hand. There are many jigsaw tools on the market that are reputable with providing quality cutting services to clients around the world. One of those notable brands is Porter Cable that has several models on the market. The PCE345 is the most desired tool on their lineup owing to its top quality and affordable price. The PCE345 is very comfortable, comes with a large trigger switch and has low weight. This makes it an ideal product for beginners. Below, we will look at the reasons why Porter Cable PCE345 is the jigsaw to go for.

Great power

One of the reasons why you should choose the porter cable PCE345 is because it is fitted with a powerful 6 amp motor that delivers 3200 SPM. This is ideal for it is able to handle a wide range of materials. With this motor, you can have a jigsaw that is able to handle different applications around your home. This includes cutting all commercially available boards, wood and plastics. The good thing is that the SPM on the jigsaw is varied and as such can suit a wide range of cutting needs.

Orbital settings

The PCE345 comes with a 7 speed setting that beats many others on the market. This speed options gives you control over what you are cutting as well as how fast you want to cut. On the other hand, the PCE345 has 4 orbital settings that give you a large cutting range. The wide range orbital settings allow you to have control over different materials that you are cutting.

Cutting depth

With a 4 inch cut depth, you will be able to pass through the thickest commercially available materials. This feature is very prominent as it surpasses many other jigsaws on the market. Only a few high end jigsaws have a deeper cutting depth.

Safety features

Although the Porter Cable PCE345 is rated as an entry level product, it has interesting safety features that make it one of the best on the market. The tool comes fitted with a protective cover as well as a wide shoe that cushions the user as they work.

In addition, the tool has other features that maximize performance while at the same time reducing fatigue. To begin with, the PCE345 is fitted with an LED light that illuminates the area that you want to cut. This is important especially when working in darker areas. If you are worried about fatigue, the PCE345 has an ergonomic grip that enables you to hold onto the device for long hours without getting sore fingers.


The porter and cable is an excellent jigsaw that you will enjoy owning. This is because; it is loaded with a lot of good features that offer great cutting experience. The good thing is that it is sold at an affordable price.

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