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An Analysis of Warm and Cold Drinking Water

To quench our thirst with a glass of water is one of the relieving things of the world. The advantages of drinking water to keep your body hydrated are well known. There is nothing more dynamic that is overlooked by us when we are filling our water indexes which are the temperature of the water that we drink. All of us tend to forget that the temperature of water has an overall impact on our health as well. This is a fact that has been endorsed by a lot of Ayurveda texts .Let us have a concise idea about the temperature of water that you are drinking. You can check-out random facts for more amazing and interesting facts the will blow your mind.

When is the right time to drink cold water?

A lot of situations may arise when drinking of cold water might be beneficial in the form of

Daily exercise

Exercise is known to keep us warm and helps us to sweat that paves way for a natural cooling mechanism. But a lot of electrolytes and water is lost by the medium of sweat and you are known to become dehydrated.

During exercise if you sip in cold water at recurring intervals of time not only it replenishes the lost water but a tab on the body temperature is kept.

If you are planning to cut down extra calories

Once you drink cold water it contributes to your weight loss regime and helps to shed those extra calories. By cold water your levels of metabolism is pepped up and paves way for extra consumption of calorie in your body.

In drinking cold water you end up consuming around 70 extra calories on a daily basis you need to be taking break from your exercise schedule once in a while. Relying on water helps you to remain fit.

If you are suffering from fever

You could be really surprised with this assertion but you need to understand the facts. Once you have fever it is obvious that the body temperature is in war against the virus that is causing this condition. The moment you drink a glass of normal or even cool water it provides instant relief.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the water needs to be from a clean source. In the world of today purchasing a RO plant for home might be a wise decision. You need to search online for the best water purifiers and base your decision on what suits your budget and needs. Out of the various technologies RV is a popular technology that is immensely popular. Cool water is also known to replenish the electrolytes and if you add a tinge of lemon juice or ORS a refreshing taste is provided to water.

What is the right time to drink warm water?

Once we are aware of the benefits of drinking cold water, let us figure out the situations where warm water can be useful

Facing problems with digestion

Water is known to make it easy for the body to process and digest foods. The moment you have a glass of warm water in the morning it stimulates the process of digestion and ensures better bowel movement.

Once you are going to have cold water after meals the body is to take an extra effort to warm up the food in the upper part of the body for digestion.

The moment you are detoxing

All of you might have come across home based detoxifying remedies that flush out the unwanted toxins from human body. Once you go on to prepare a home based detox solution, ensure it is incorporated with warm or cold water. The reason being that the warmth will take out the nutrients from the vegetables and fruits in the mixture of detox and would make it easy to digest.

Pain relief

To drink warm water increases the flow of blood in your body whereby the cramped tissues of your body are in a state of relaxation. If inflammation or headaches are an issue, a couple of glasses of warm water would enable you to relax.

Is there a need to drink water on a daily basis?

The hydration levels of your body have no relation to your activity levels. Be it a couch potato or a physical active person adequate levels of water ensure optimal function of your body functions. Surroundings also have a role to play in determining the amount of water you need to drink. If you live in a dry or moist area you might be drinking a lot of water. On the other side of the coin if you reside in extreme cold conditions then also you need a proper intake of water as levels of metabolism is known to compensate for the cold outside ensuring better internal heat generation leading to better water loss.

Before going ahead we need to be aware that there are numerous benefits of drinking water. A suggestion would be to encourage yourself and your family members from drinking water. This is bound to make your body system replenished and help you remain focussed and active. There are some dos and don’ts as far as drinking of water is concerned that are as follows

  • The water that you are drinking needs to be from a pure source like a water purifier.
  • Opt for warm water rather than opting for chilled water. The reason is that cold water needs to be warmed by our body first and more energy is consumed that it what it provides
  • On a daily basis drink 6 to 8 glasses of water. Yes you can go on to substitute the drink of water with juices and water based products. But keep away from carbonated drinks
  • Do reduce the amount of alcohol or caffeine as the body needs a lot of energy in order to digest them. There is a dehydrated feeling when you are waking up with a hangover.

To conclude the best time to drink water is when you wake up early in the morning or after meals before you go to bed.