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Roof Strength Is All About Design

If you are planning to build your dream home, you will need to spend some time thinking about roof design. You won’t need reminding that the roof is a critical component. However, you may not be aware that the design of the roof has some bearing on overall strength and durability. The design on the roof should be decided during the blueprint stage, well before any work begins. Do take note that the location and facing direction of the property has some bearing on how strong the roof actually is.

Gable Roof Designs

The most common style of roof is the gabled design, which is an inverted ‘V’ shape. The many benefits of a gable roof include the following:

  • Rainwater and debris naturally fall away from the roof surface
  • Any type of roof tile can be used
  • A roof can consist of multiple gables

The downside of a gabled roof is that high winds can lift tiles off the roof. Other than that, a gable is a strong roof design.

Hip Roof Design

A hip roof is one with 4 separate sides, which is a common design especially in Australia. A complex design could have multiple hips and can be merged with a gable design. For the best design, approach one of the Sydney roofing companies or a contractor in your city that work with slate and see what they come up with in terms of roof design.

Flat Roof Design

Ideal for a modern looking property, a flat roof slopes slightly to the rear of the property, providing an essential slope for rainwater to run off the roof. Of course, a property can have multiple flat roofing sections, which an architect can add to the plans. This is the best design to prevent damage from high winds.


For most people, aesthetics does play a part in the roof design. With copper flashing and stainless-steel guttering, you can create a stunning feature roof. There are well-established roofing companies that service areas near you, who have the experience in designing and building slate roof solutions in a bespoke design. 

Quality Materials

Regardless of design, a roof made from quality materials will stand the test of time. A slate roof, for example, with a seasoned hardwood framework and the right design, would provide the best protection. A slate roof will be guaranteed for 25-30 years and choosing the right roofing company assures a first-class build.

Roof Trusses

Usually made from timber, roof trusses are prefabricated and bolted into position using a crane. When all are in position, the ridge timber is fixed, and this gives added strength to the roof. When the tile batons are fixed, the tiles can be installed.

The Importance of the Build

Once the roof is ready to be installed, a professional roofing contractor has everything in place. A crane is there to lift trusses if they are used. The roof tiles would be delivered just before they are needed. A big company would assign a project manager, whose job it is to coordinate everything, ending with a superb roof that is guaranteed for 30 years.