Safety Precautions for Fireplaces

The days get shorter and the temperatures drop. It’s that time of year again when a warm, crackling fireplace and scented candles become comforting items to ward off the cold and gloom of the coming winter. The smell of burning wood and the crackle of the fire make for a pleasant evening to read, watch your favorite Netflix show or maybe just hang out with the family.

Unfortunately, these services aren’t just fun and games. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), approximately 374,000 homes in the United States catch fire each year. The price of these losses amounts to $ 8 billion a year.

Beyond the figures for structural damage and property is the real loss: lives. According to the NFPA, these fires cause an average of 2,620 civilian deaths and 11,220 civilian fire injuries.

Since the misuse of candles and fireplace are two of the causes of fires in the home, we thought this was a good time to remind our readers of ways to stay safe while using them this winter season.

To make sure your fireplace is ready for use, it is recommended that you inspect it regularly for creosote buildup and any debris that may be blocking ventilation. Squirrels and other wildlife love to build nests inside the sheltered fireplace. Anyone could start a fire that could get out of control.

While checking the safety of your fireplace, inspect the fireplace and screen that protects your living room from stray sparks that could fall on the carpet or furniture. There should be burglar alarm installation in your house to detect any unconsciousness. To prevent this from happening, it’s a good idea to check that your fireplace screen is in good condition and that a fire extinguisher is available.

Burglar alarms know how precious your home and family are, which is why we recommend that every home have a burglar alarm installation. Many of our customers choose a simple system that includes alerts for smoke, fire or invisible gas, carbon monoxide. However, others choose a comprehensive home security system that warns them of all these problems and gives them the confidence that their home is protected even when you are not around.

So for precautions you should and understand this blog thoroughly, because you can get a huge help. Remember safety is important for every creature in your house.