Hens Night Ideas for a Memorable Day

Of course, you want to make Hens night one of the most memorable days to remember, especially for the bride! The key here is to pick an awesome activity that all the guests will enjoy, which is why you need to have your guest list prepared! 

Once you’ve got your guest list and know who’s going, it’s time to brainstorm some ideas that you know everyone will be on board with. With that in mind, here are some Brisbane hens night ideas you should consider doing, ranging from relaxing to partying all night long!

Fun Hens Night Ideas

Don’t know where to start when doing a Hens night? Here are a few ideas that you can get started with:

1. The Ultimate Ladies’ Pamper Day

One of the best and most popular trends for hens parties today is a girly spa day. Go all out and have the ultimate pampering packages for all the ladies, adding on all the relaxing treatments. You can find a ton of great spas around that offer massages, facials, hair, and nail treatments; with a ton of amenities you can share together.

You can even go to high-end hotels that offer day spas, so why not make a weekend out of it and book a room for the girls to extend the relaxation in a luxurious room. 

Or if you’re on a budget, no worries! You can find a group buying sites or coupons for sale at discounted prices, many websites offer spa treatments and packages.

2. Magic (Men) Show

How about a raunchy night with a couple of drinks and getting hot under the collar? Go for a strip show, which is the classic addition to the Hens night out! You’ll be able to book a Magic Men show in places around Australia, such as Brisbane.

This includes a 3.5-hour strip show for all the ladies looking for some fun. There are even packages to give your hen an opportunity to get up on that stage for a bit of flirting before tying the knot!

For private nights, you can hire strippers and topless waiters who’ll come to all of you for some fun.

3. Book a Boat

If you all have the budget, why not go all out and opt for a holiday cruise package or hire a luxury boat for the ultimate getaway or boat party! There are holiday cruise packages that involve packing and organizing leaves for a few days or weeks. But if you’re pressed for time and with scheduling issues, then there are harbor cruises that only last a couple of hours, already coming with meals and exciting entertainment. 

You can also opt for a charter boat hire that caters to whatever you desire, whether you want overnight stays or to dock in other harbors to explore islands or take a swim.

4. High Tea Party

Another awesome idea is to go luxurious in style and glam with the afternoon tea. This is one of the classiest ideas, bringing the true luxurious experience for everyone. 

One can book a tea room for the ladies, playing games as you sip on tea, and have delicious pastries. If you’re on a budget, you can move the high tea to someone’s home and bake your own goodies, sharing teas with everyone.

5. Glamping Under the Stars

You’ll love this weekend getaway with a beautiful twist! Glamping is made even for the least adventurous lady since you won’t have to rough it at all. Think of it as glamorous camping, as you have a comfortable bed and lounges, but with the ambience of the great outdoors.

You can go glamping on the beach, amongst the wilderness, or even the rooftop to view the starry skies! Have fun over a few drinks and delicious meals as you talk the night away with the ladies under the big sky and fresh air.

6. The Foodie’s Ultimate Dream

Is the bride an ultimate foodie who loves to explore different cuisines? Then opt for cooking classes or a food trip around Brisbane’s best! 

You can find chocolate making classes, wine and cheese tastings, ladies’ long lunches, and even more! These won’t only be fun, but it will definitely leave everyone with a satisfied tummy.

Wrapping It Up

Planning the ultimate Hens night doesn’t need to be so difficult with the right ideas! With these unique Hens night ideas, you won’t need to be scrambling and trying to figure out fun activities for you, the bride, and bridesmaids anymore. So, try out any of these activities and consider adding them to your itinerary, let’s see how many memories you can make together!

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences and ideas, do comment below, we’d love to hear your Hens night stories!