The Best Gifts for Fashionistas

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gift for someone. It’s easy to think you’ll know what they like and don’t like, but you’d be surprised at how often you could get it wrong. If you have a loved one in your life who follows fashion like it’s their religion, you might think buying them a piece of clothing will do. However, if you get their style wrong, this could be a disaster! To make sure you get the best gift for the fashionista in your life, try these suggestions.


Again, it can be tricky to get the right piece of jewellery as a gift, but if you pay attention to their accessories and the style of rings, necklaces, etc., they wear this will make it easier. Simple designs are sometimes the best choice, as they tend to be more versatile and are less likely to go out of fashion. However, if your fashionista loves bold and brave looks, then a good statement piece could be the perfect way to go. Shop around for the best deals, or look at online retailers like for great prices and top-quality items.

Gift Card

If you want to be safe, a gift card for one of their favorite fashion retailers is a good choice. Although it might seem impersonal, the truth is it might be better to let them choose the clothes and accessories instead. This way, they are getting something they truly want and not secretly wishing they could exchange it! Also, this will stop the risk of you buying something in the wrong size, as they will be able to try the clothes on at the store.

Designer Pieces

If the gift is for a special occasion like a milestone birthday or a graduation present, you might want to treat them to something extra-special. Buying them a bag, scarf, top or another item by one of their favorite designers will blow them away, and they are sure to cherish it forever.

Subscription to Vogue

Everyone knows that Vogue magazine is the authority on fashion. As a good alternative gift, why not get your fashionista a year’s subscription to Vogue? It’s an excellent way for them to get all of the latest updates and trends from the runways, and it’s packed full of gorgeous photography and interesting articles they can enjoy reading with a cup of coffee. This is another safe gift if you don’t want to risk buying them something they don’t like. It doesn’t have to be Vogue either, but any of their favorite fashion magazines.


Naturally, shoes are another good gift to get someone who is in love with fashion. They can be more expensive items of clothing, but that is why they make a great gift. Treat them to that pair they stare longingly at through the store windows whenever you go shopping, or take them with you shopping to choose a pair they adore.

If you’re going to buy the fashionista in your life a gift, it’s worth keeping the receipt in case they need to exchange it, but the ideas above are an excellent place to start looking if they have a birthday coming up!