How to Upgrade to a Sapphire Crystal on the Seiko SKX007

Finally, decided to upgrade your hardlex crystal to a sapphire crystal?

Seiko SKX007 is one of the best watches to modify. You can find aftermarket mod pieces to restyle it the way you want. You can change Seiko SKX007 ceramic bezel insert in various colors, you can choose a more stylish dial or even a sapphire case back! But changing the crystal does not have any effect on the design of the watch.

But why use Sapphire Crystal on your Seiko?

It’s because it is more durable and extremely scratch-resistant. Hardlex is a decent crystal too but over time you will see that it will be more vulnerable to scratches. If you have an active lifestyle, you may want to protect your watch from any possible dings.

Aesthetically, they may not look the same. But over the years you will see that the glass will still look brand new with the sapphire glass. This is why this glass has been gaining popularity among watch modders. You can choose between the flat sapphire crystal or a dome one depending on some factors such as the design of the bezel insert.

Upgrading a Seiko’s glass is simpler than what most people think. But you must take note that other brands may need a different way of glass modification especially if it is not a diver watch. Some crystals are lifted out from the top with a crystal lifter. Others are even glued in with an adhesive. If you have a different watch, you may want to do more research before you start putting your watch in the press.

Here are some tips to do it perfectly.

Easy Steps to Upgrade to Sapphire Crystal

Step 1: Get the right size.

The first this you have to do when replacing your glass is to check if your sapphire crystal is the right size for the SKX007. You should see “SP315x2.5mm” or similar to this. This means the glass is 31.5 mm in diameter and 2.5 mm thick.

Step 2: Take everything out.

Open the case back carefully. You can use a rubber ball to help you twist it open. Other people use tools to securely grip the case back and easily open them.

Step 3: Pull out the crown.

From here, unscrew the crown. There will be a tiny pop when the lever appears. When you pull the crown a bit there will be a tiny button at the top which you should press while simultaneously pulling the crown out.

Check if the gasket in the crown stem is still intact. This gasket will ensure that your Seiko watch will remain water-resistant even if the crown is pulled to adjust the date and time in your watch.

Step 4: Remove the movement.

You can gently pop it out to your palm though some people use tweezers to lift it up. Put it somewhere safe and free of dust.

Step 5: Pop the crystal out.

You can use a crystal press with two types of nylon dies. Use a wider cupped die to support the bezel at the bottom. Then use a flat nylon on top to protect the glass. Ensure that the die is snuggly fit before pressing.

Step 6: Check the watch parts.

Yes, you need to spend a few minutes inspecting if the gasket and the chapter ring are intact. You can buy these from aftermarket manufacturers in case you need a replacement.

Step 7: Press in the sapphire crystal

Put the crystal on top of the bezel and then press it in evenly. Then, using a crystal press, press it in will nylon die that matches the size of the glass.

Inspect the glass and make sure there is no dust. Once satisfied, you can now start to reassemble your watch. Simply retrace the steps to rebuild your Seiko SKX007.

Simply remember that when you change your hard flex into a sapphire crystal that you have the right tools and the right crystal size. This will ensure a smoother upgrading process. As you advance your modding skill you may want to invest in the best tools to enjoy the Seiko modification experience.