Important Points You Need To Know Before Buying Gemstone Jewellery

When you are shopping for gemstone jewellery and want to get the best value for money possible, you will need to be cautious when you go shopping. It will significantly help you get an excellent deal if you do plenty of research before shopping and educate yourself on the various gemstones. You will also want to ask questions to help ensure what you are buying is value for money. This is also where you can put your gemstone education to good use. Below are some of the things you need to know before going gemstone jewellery shopping that can help you get an excellent deal.

Learn About The 4 Cs

You may have heard about the 4 Cs before, and these can apply to any gemstone that you use in jewellery, so you need to understand what these are. The 4 Cs are the characteristics of a gem that helps value them, and they are as follows:

  • Colour – How strong the gem’s colour is, with some colours being more valuable than others. 
  • Cut – The gem’s shape it is cut in and how many facets it has. 
  • Clarity – The clarity of the gemstone and whether it has any inclusions or other imperfections. 
  • Carat – The carat refers to the size and weight of the gem, with higher carat gems being more valuable. 

You will need to learn about and understand the 4 Cs before you go jewellery shopping, ensuring you get value for money with the jewellery you purchase. Search online to find more details about the 4 Cs and educate yourself before shopping for jewellery.

Do The Gems Have Certificates?

When looking at Brisbane custom coloured gemstone jewellery or ones offered in your local area, you will want to ask your chosen jeweller if the gemstones in the jewellery come with certificates of authenticity. These will tell you where the gems originate from, and their quality and help ensure you are not purchasing conflict gemstones. Not all gems will come with certificates, but it is possible to have them tested before buying so you can get one, but this is a chargeable service.

Have The Gemstones Been Enhanced?

You will also need to ask whether the gemstones have been enhanced as there are many techniques used to enhance gems of all types. Many gems are enhanced to help improve their colour and overall aesthetic appeal. Rubies and sapphires are excellent examples for this. The enhanced gems look much more appealing than the natural ones, which is why they do it. You will need to ask whether the gemstones have been enhanced and what technique has been used. Check various resources to find out more information on the various ways you can improve gemstones to help you tell if the ones you want to buy have been enhanced at all.

Ensure You Shop Around

See to it that you look at as many jewellery stores as you can when you want to buy gemstone jewellery. You can find that the prices for similar jewellery can differ drastically, so shopping around can help you make a significant saving. Take a small torch with you and use it to look at the colour of the gems in a different light, and you can help ensure you grab yourself a bargain.