Tips for Online Dress Shopping

Online shopping is a huge part of our lives, in fact, it’s a bit of a lifesaver for those of us who don’t have the chance to hit the shops all that often if at all. With most brands flaunting an impressive collection of gorgeous pieces on their e-commerce stores, it’s no wonder we all opt for shopping from our sofas, desks or beds instead of dedicating a day to find, or more often not find, that one piece that your wardrobe is missing. However, the online hunt isn’t always so simple, especially when it comes to finding dresses, which are notoriously tricky to get right. Follow these tips to make sure that your next online purchase is a flawless fit…

Read the small print

The product notes and model’s details are there for a reason, not just for fun! The fine print on a product is going to tell you the dress’ exact measurements, the model’s dimensions and the size that they are wearing in the photos. You can use this as a guide to how the dress is going to look on you – for example, if it’s a micro-mini on a 6 ft tall model, it’s probably going to be slightly longer on someone who’s only 5 ft 4 inches.

Getting the measuring tape out and noting down your bust, waist and leg measurements, as well as your overall height, will help you with all your online shopping in the long run.

Consider buying multiple sizes

This one is a bit of a luxury, but if it sounds like something you might be able to do, you should absolutely consider it. Grabbing two sizes means that you can try both in the comfort of your own home and come to the best conclusion by actually seeing how both options look on you. The difference between two sizes can mean a dress that you adore and one that you don’t really feel on yourself (even though you loved it on the model), so if your bank account allows and you’re not quite sure, order both. Just make sure that the site you’re shopping from lets you return for a full refund – otherwise, you’ll have some serious regrets (although store credit does come in handy!).

Really research materials

Understand what it is that you’re paying for people! Materials really, really make a difference, especially in the summertime. A thick polyester or viscose is going to make you sweat in hot weather, so look for cotton, linen, silk or blends. Even though a dress can look cotton or light, it might not always be the case, so check the product description. If your potential new dress doesn’t have the material components listed, be sure to email customer service to avoid any nasty surprises when you open up your package.

Look for fits that you know and love

Dresses come in a tonne of different cuts, and each looks different on everyone. To get your fit right the first time, take a look at the dresses that you already have tucked away in your wardrobe. If you’re seeing lots of curve-hugging styles that you love to wear, then opt for body-con or mermaid styles. Spying lots of flowing, bohemian style pieces? Look for loose-fitting dresses in a drop waist or A-line cut. By shopping according to your current tastes, you’ll most likely love what falls on your doorstep.

Get comfortable with customisation

Tailoring is fantastic, it can take something that looks kind of wrong to your perfect dress in a matter of minutes. Get comfortable with the idea of taking dresses to the tailor, it will mean you have a closet full of perfect fitting dresses!
Follow these tips when you’re shopping for dresses online, and you won’t put a foot wrong.