11 Gorgeous Blouse Designs for Your Saree

Do you love the saree? These outfits are no longer limited to Indian ladies only. The most interesting piece of the saree is the blouse. The right blouse is what makes your saree complete. Stylecaret provides every lady with different blouse design patterns to implement on every saree outfit.

Since the blouse is the first piece that anybody will notice about your outfit, you need to leave a lasting impression. We will enlighten you on different blouse patterns which you should experiment with a saree and make a fashion statement. Check out our list of blouse patterns which can go with different saree outfits.

Cape style silk blouse

The black cape silk blouse is perfect for a saree. It comes with some cape sleeves and a high neck that makes it unique among blouse designs. For you to make this blouse look nice with your saree, you need to match is with a plain saree for the blouse design to stand out.

Silk blouse

The silk blouse which comes with a high neck and golden embroidery has been trending for a while. It is an ideal blouse for a skinny lady to wear with a jute saree. The golden embroidery on it adds class to your outfit while the high neck makes it elegant. You can match this blouse with a plain or even printed saree. Ensure that you choose matching colors for your blouse and saree to make your outfit look nice.

Cape style blouse

Are you looking for an ideal blouse to match your party wear saree? The cape style blouse is what you should choose. It makes your attire look stunning and gives you the freedom to show some skin while still covering most upper parts.

The blouse neck design comes in distinct parts such as the 3-layered corset and a sheer cape in the top part. The lacy edge makes it look sophisticated and stylish.

You can wear the blouse with a plain chiffon saree or any other kind that is lightweight. It is also ideal for the summer to prevent your body from excess heat.

Leather embroidery blouse

This leather blouse features the pearl embroidery which looks different from the standard embroidery blouses. It comes with short sleeves to give your arms enough room to remain comfortable especially during the warm season.

You need a light saree to match well with the blouse design as well as a waist belt to complete the look. Ensure that you pick matching colors to match the blouse with your saree. You can also blend the color of your blouse with the belt. The leather blouse covers your neck completely such that you don’t have to expose any cleavage. The blouse makes it an ideal outfit for formal wear.

Gold colored blouse

Do you need a blouse to match a wedding saree? The gold colored blouse cannot disappoint. Though the market has all kinds of wedding outfits, this blouse and light saree can make you stand out at a wedding.

The gold colored blouse is light, and it covers your neck. Feel free to wear this blouse with a heavy work saree at a wedding.

Broad boat neck blouse

Do you prefer lacy blouses for your saree? Try the broad boat neck blouse pattern. The blouse gives your chiffon-silk saree a feminine charm. It features an uncut raw edge and a boat-shaped neckline. Its sheer material makes it ideal for the warm season. Feel free to experiment contrasting colors as you pair your silk saree with the broad boat neck blouse.

Black sleeveless blouse

Any bold lady should try matching the black sleeveless blouse with a saree. The blouse gives you the chance to show off some skin as it features a laced back which has some beautiful loops joining the fabric strings. The designers style the front part to look like a low cut bikini.

You can match this blouse with a georgette or chiffon saree. It also goes well with both a printed and plain saree. Ensure that the material of your saree is light to blend well with the sleeveless blouse. It is the perfect attire for a party or any other casual setting.

The brocade blouse

A pattu saree is not complete without the gold brocade blouse design. It is a good outfit for a formal setting. It symbolizes both the traditional and modern Indian fashion style. The brocade blouse comes with long sleeves that run across your arms, and it covers your shoulders. The embroidery on the fabric makes it look a classy piece. Try blending a transparent net saree with this brocade blouse if you need it for a less formal occasion.

V neck style blouse

Your plain saree would also look glamorous with this halter blouse. It features a V-cut on the front part and sagging hem. The lace blouse comes with ahalter top neck which complements your back. Feel free to show off your favorite jewelry while wearing the blouse as it offers enough room for that. You can also get a light laced saree to complete the look.

Blue printed blouse

If you have a silk saree, you can match it with the blue printed blouse. Designers use florals on almost every attire including gowns, lehengas as well as blouses. The floral prints on the blouse can brighten your day when you wear it with a pattu saree. You can also experiment on a printed saree but make sure the colors complement each other.

The back is different from other blouses since it features a loop design pattern that makes it gorgeous. Be careful on the print sizes you choose to match the blouse with your saree to avoid overdoing your look.

Raw silk design

The raw silk blouse goes well with a Tussar saree. This blouse is made from a mixture of silk and satin, and it features simple sleeves that partially cover the arms. Matching this design with a silk saree gives the outfit a royal look.